Publications Policies and Procedures

Need a desk copy for review? Have a question about reprint permissions? Need a non-member subscription for our periodicals? Interested in writing for NAEA?

Find the policy or procedure below that pertains to your particular request.

Desk Copy Policy

Are you an art educator at a college or university? If you would like to examine one of NAEA’s titles for possible adoption as a new textbook, the cost of your desk copy is refunded if you (or your bookstore) place an order for 7 or more copies within 45 days of your desk copy purchase.*

Email with the book title and Bookstore/Purchaser’s name and dates of purchase. NAEA will confirm the initial order and the Bookstore order, and mail a reimbursement for the initial invoice. If you prefer, you may fax the Desk Copy reimbursement request to 703-860-2960, Attention: Desk Copy.

*Note that bookstore purchase of 10 or more copies are eligible for NAEA member discount prices.

Review Copy Policy

If you are a publisher, editor, or author of a professional publication that reviews books and media on art education, you may request a free review copy of an NAEA title. Email and be sure to provide title, author, and ISBN number of the book; the name of your publication; and your complete mailing address.

NAEA will send your complimentary review copy if you agree to send us a copy of the review when it is published.

Reprint Permission & Policy

All requests for permission to photocopy, reprint, digitize, or re-use copyrighted content from NAEA publications (including books, NAEA News, Art Education, Studies in Art Education, NAEA Advisory, Translations, and text of material on the NAEA website) are processed through the Copyright Clearance Center. You may direct inquiries to or contact the Copyright Clearance Center’s customer service department at 978-646-2600.

The Copyright Clearance Center (CCC), rather than NAEA, will now directly process your request for reproducing material for academic course packets; digital/electronic uses, such as posting on other websites or internal use by faculty and students; and reprinting of material (such as an article) for inclusion in a book.

CCC is designed to process requests for reprinting multiple copies and/or reaching multiple users. CCC will charge a fee for reproduction of NAEA copyrighted materials, and your payment will go to the CCC on behalf of NAEA.

If you have a question or need help in navigating Copyright Clearance Center’s online services, call their Customer Service line at 978-646-2600 or email Please note: The permissions granted apply to textual material only; NAEA does not own rights to the images (photos and artworks) in NAEA publications. For permission to reprint a specific image, you will need to contact the copyright holder or licensor (see caption for information).

Permission to Reprint Without a Fee

NAEA will not charge members for the following uses:

  • A teacher may make multiple handouts for one-time use at a school-related function or posting, or professional conference, free of charge.
  • Libraries may put the material on electronic reserve for use of faculty and students, generally without charge.
  • Individuals may make single copies for their own use, free of charge.
  • NAEA-published authors may reprint/distribute their own articles, free of charge. When you reprint any materials from NAEA, please include the following acknowledgment on all printed copies or digitized formats: Reprinted with permission from The National Art Education Association, Reston, VA USA, [insert copyright date of article or book].

The reprint permissions process described here pertains to those who already have access to actual material they wish to reprint. If you need a PDF of an article published by NAEA, please email your request to NAEA Reprint Permissions at

Subscription Claim Policy

View Subscriptions Claim Policy below, under Helpful Downloads.

All claims must be submitted in writing to

  • For subscribers within the U.S., claims for missing issues must be made within three months of the delivery date.
  • For international subscribers (outside of the U.S.), claims for missing issues must be made within six months of the delivery date.

NAEA is unable to honor claims made outside of these timeframes. However, issues claimed after this time period may be purchased at the single copy rate, if available. Paper editions are only available for two years due to limited quantities. For pricing inquiries, please email

Replacements based on an item received in damaged condition may obtain one hard copy replacement per year. Digital replacements will be supplied to subscribers when no confirmation from the United States Postal Service (USPS) confirming the returned mailing exists.

Refunds for overpayments are only granted upon written request to

Subscriptions cannot be back-dated or post-dated, and are not transferrable.

NAEA does not offer agency discounts.

Should you or your client wish to print multiple copies, post a pdf, or use the information in a publication that will be offered for sale, please send a written request to Lynn Ezell, NAEA Publications Manager, at for permission to use the material(s).

Writing for NAEA

NAEA publishes award-winning “state-of-the-arts” resources, in print and online, for K-12 visual arts teachers; university faculty in art education; arts researchers, librarians, and historians; museum and community arts educators; arts administrators; arts curriculum and standards developers; and arts education advocacy specialists/policy makers. All work is guided by NAEA’s Strategic Plan. We welcome your proposals for books, and we invite you to submit articles for NAEA’s journals, newspapers, monographs, and other publications that reach over 24,000 art educators as well as the diverse community of education leaders from every field. Learn how to write for NAEA.

Calls for Submissions

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