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Christine Miller

August Mentor, Team Lead Visual Arts, Student Council Sponsor

Monthly Mentor Posts

  • Questioning Strategies in the Art Classroom – Student Exit Ticket!. My experience with young children is that they ask LOTS of questions – about EVERYTHING! They can even ask questions that we are not quite ready for. It’s not uncommon for adults to get weary of so many questions that just keep coming and coming. But then something changes somewhere along the way – the number of questions they ask either slows way down, or worse, they stop all together.
  • Explore Fiber: Incorporating Fiber into a K-12 Art Education Curriculum. When we tap into our passion for art, whatever media, technique or process it may live in, and bring it into our classroom to share with our students, the energy that is created is enormous. As I get ready to start a new school year, I’m thinking about the new ways I want to share my passion for fibers with my students. Where does your passion lie, and how can you bring more of your authentic self into your art classroom/studio?
  • Artist of the Day Videos - Technology for Student Engagement. The Artist of the Day video is my FAVORITE tool to play with in my teaching practice. Videos allow students to hear contemporary artists talk about their process and work. Using video technology enables my students to have a clearer understanding about how and why art is created.

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