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Josephine Langbehn

Middle School Art Educator / Membership Service Director, Nebraska Art Teachers Association

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  • Community Connections with a Service Learning Focus. Connecting my students to the community has always been a pedagogical importance to me. I find great value in my kiddos connecting to the people and community beyond the walls of my classroom. This is when education becomes real. When we have taught our students that we can use the visual arts as a tool to connect to people, document current situations, and make a change, then we have accomplished something great not only for our students but for the larger community.
  • Balancing Act: Artist vs. Teacher. Eight years ago when I started pursuing my career as an art educator, it never occurred to me that I would have to work to build a routine to get back into the habit of making art again. I always thought, “Of course I will be creating art all of the time, I’m an art teacher.” WoWZa! The reality of being able to do both creating and teaching proved to be quite the challenge​.
  • What do the walls say? One of the greatest reasons I love being an art teacher is because we are able to use our expertise to have great impact everywhere. We can collaborate with other teachers, our community, and even in our very own school building. We use the visual arts to encourage change and to be leaders. We can immerse ourselves in lots of areas because the arts connect to everything!

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