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Diane Wilkin

Pennsylvania Art Education Association President /NAEA Eastern Region Vice President-Elect

Monthly Mentor Posts

  • Stay Curious and Collecting! It’s such a curious thing – that desire to piece things together, and make new out of old, or larger out of smaller. I share here two kinds of work where things are collected and arranged – one a classroom lesson, one not.
  • EXPLORING: to Boldly go … It’s been a year of technological learning, pushing boundaries and opening up those ends to those questions. Our school introduced google classroom as a platform - syllabus, assignments and student submissions all in one. Still making adjustments, but I love it!
  • COMMUNICATING BIG MESSAGES – First of the Four C’s. Communication in 2016 happens in Very Public Spaces. Even the text messaging that you might believe is private can be recorded and shared with others in ‘screen-shots’. In this year of political posturing with the presidential election and heightened campaign messages about to be released, it’s important that we learn and teach how to safely maneuver in this very public space, participate ethically in the discussion and be aware of the impact that this space has upon us.

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