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Michelle Ridlen

December Mentor, K-12 Fine Arts Curriculum Content Leader

Monthly Mentor Posts

  • I am Michelle Ridlen, a proud artist educator, and I am very excited to be writing for the NAEA Monthly Mentor blog as the 2016 Western Region Supervision/Administration Art Educator of the Year. This is my first time officially blogging to the world at large and I am looking forward to interacting with others in our creative field. I live in Missouri where I serve as the K-12 Fine Arts Curriculum Content Leader for the Francis Howell School District.
  • Art & Fear. You owe it to yourself, and your students, to push yourself to try new things and to keep creating even when it is scary or feels uncomfortable. We need to give ourselves permission to try new things and to participate in small creative acts. Even small acts of creativity can snowball into greater creative acts that ultimately make it easier to think outside the box. If you are feeling stuck, look for the little ways that you can practice creative thinking. Try a new recipe, drive a different route to work, model experimenting with new media in front of your students. Feel the way your students feel when you present them with a new artistic challenge. Be ready to teach them to overcome their fears.

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