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MaryJane Long

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  • Preference vs. Responsibility. During my past weeks on a cart, I have been spending a lot of time in the reading room. On the wall I saw the following quote, “It may not be my personal preference, but it is my professional responsibility.” It made me laugh a little because it is so true! I asked the reading teacher where she found it and we talked about a training she went to and how she uses it a lot on her daily paperwork. Read on…
  • The Golden Circle. Simon Sinek who wrote Start With Why coined the term, “The Golden Circle.” This circle is an excellent visual that illustrates the mindset and perception of people who will change the world. What is your Golden Circle? Find out!
  • Have computers gone too far? I was reading an article about a computer painting a Rembrandt. A 3-d printer loaded with smart algorithms painted a painting so close to a real Rembrandt that is was very hard to tell the difference. Have we come so far as a technological society that we can now use technology to create classic artwork from long ago? Join the discussion!

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