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Please make a commitment to the advancement of visual arts education by contributing to the National Art Education Foundation (NAEF). NAEF acknowledges all donations. Donors can expect an automatic acknowledgement for online donations. All donors, including those who submit donations online, along with membership dues, or through check by mail, will receive a separate letter of acknowledgement in the month following the donation.

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My husband and I have contributed to the NAEF since it began over twenty years ago. We have seen growth in the number of grants that were awarded and in the amount of funding allocated for these grants that provided opportunities for art educators to continue their professional growth experiences, testing of curriculum models, and conducting research in art education. The Foundation shares the scope, breadth, and direction of these grants with the NAEA community and the broader national arts and education sector. We have regularly participated in NAEF fund raisers during our 40 year careers in art education and we will continue to support the Foundation’s wide variety of professional activities for art teachers. –Margaret (Maggie) Peeno, NAEF Board of Trustees and Chair, NAEF Development Committee


Kathi R. Levin
Program/Development Officer
National Art Education Foundation

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