NAEA Research Commission

The NAEA Research Commission is working to meet the ongoing research needs of the visual arts education field.


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The 2011-2014 NAEA Strategic Plan called for creation of a commission to: “conduct research and generate knowledge that enriches and expands visual arts education and widely share that research and knowledge.” The NAEA Research Commission officially launched at the 2012 NAEA National Convention.

The NAEA Research Commission works to meet the ongoing research needs of the visual arts education field. Commissioners coordinate and communicate about research that relates to the needs of practitioners and stakeholders who are concerned with understanding critical questions of importance to the field in order to provide the highest quality visual arts education possible in our schools and educational institutions.

Meet the NAEA Research Commission

The NAEA Research Agenda builds on established evidence of best practices while opening opportunities for emerging research interests and methodologies. It includes a range of concerns including: professional learning; methodology; policy initiatives; content research factors, and research topics/questions. Download the NAEA Research Agenda.

Call for Nominations

The NAEA Research Commission invites nominations from the NAEA membership for the following positions:

Elementary Division Representative Commissioner
Middle Level Division Representative Commissioner

Nomination deadline: January 31, 2021

Learn more and nominate here

Research Commission Art Educator Survey

Help shape NAEA’s future research interests by participating in this important survey, informing the Research Commission’s 2021-2026 Research Agenda. Take the survey.

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