Translations was first introduced as an NAEA publication in 1991 to bridge research and practice, and to assist all visual arts educators in understanding the importance and applicability of research in the field of art education.

NAEA Translations

In an effort to reenergize Translations and enhance its value as a member benefit, the Professional Learning through Research (PLR) Working Group of the NAEA Research Commission has assumed editorial responsibilities for this peer-reviewed publication. Find out more here.

Each issue of Translations will explore one of these NAEA Research Agenda content areas: Social Justice, Emerging Technology, Assessment + Evaluation, Demographic Data, and New Ideas/Directions.

Professional Learning through Research (PLR) Working Group Translations Commitee: Christina Bain, Stephanie H. Danker, David Herman, Jr., Tracey Hunter-Doniger, Joana Hyatt, Rina Kundu Little, Pamela Pease, and Sara Scott Shields.

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A Call for Stories That Awaken Our Ability to Imagine Things Differently

The COVID-19 pandemic has created one of the largest disruptions that traditional education has ever experienced. The closure of schools has impacted teachers and learners worldwide. This crisis has also exacerbated economic and social disparities by reducing opportunities for many of the most vulnerable children, youth, and adult learners, including those with disabilities, those living in struggling communities, and those who have been forcibly displaced.

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Submission deadline: March 1, 2021