Chapter Sponsor Support

All chapter sponsors are encouraged to join the NAHS/NJAHS group in NAEA's 24/7 online community, COLLABORATE.


Collaborate is a space for NAEA members to find and share information and resources, gain inspiration, and make connections—anytime, anywhere. In the NAHS/NJAHS community, sponsors can post and answer questions, join conversations, initiate dialogue about any topic, search current and archived threads, post documents and media, find colleagues, and more!

Sponsors can log into Collaborate using their NAEA login credentials. To join the NAH/NJAHS community, search the communities tab for “NAHS/NJAHS” and click “join.”

Need to connect with the NAEA Member Services Team for chapter assistance? Email us at or call 800-299-8321 (M-F, 8:15am- 4:30 pm ET)