Frequently asked questions about the National Art Honor Societies.

General Questions

What are the National Art Honor Society (NAHS) and National Junior Art Honor Society (NJAHS)?
The NAHS and NJAHS programs are designed by NAEA to support and recognize students who have shown outstanding abilities in art. The NAHS and NJAHS programs support student members in their goal of attaining the highest standards in visual arts, and bring visual arts education to the attention of the school and community.

Can my child join the NAHS/NJAHS?
Participation in the program requires students to be members of an established chapter at their school. If your child is interested in joining, please reach out to your child’s art educator or school administrator to inquire about the existence of an active chapter at their school. Additionally, you can download the Letter of Encouragement to gain support from your child’s administration.

What are the benefits of having a chapter at my school (for students/ sponsor)?
View a full list of student and sponsor benefits.

What types of schools may participate in the NAHS/NJAHS program?
Public, charter, private and virtual schools, homeschool networks, and community-based nonprofit art organizations are eligible to apply for charter through the National Art Education Association (NAEA).

What are the eligibility criteria?
Students must be enrolled in grades 6–12, have completed at least 1 semester of art in the school, and have a minimum art GPA of “B” (or your school’s equivalent) to be eligible for membership. Membership is based upon art scholarship, service, and character.

What is a chapter sponsor? Who can act as chapter sponsor?
A chapter sponsor is an art faculty member designated to supervise and provide guidance for the chapter on a regular basis. The sponsor acts as a liaison between the chapter and NAEA, faculty, administration, students, and community. Any art faculty member employed at the school may act as the school’s NAHS/NJAHS chapter sponsor.

Can I obtain a hard copy of the NAHS/NJAHS Chapter Handbook for the current school year?
No. The handbook is only available in digital format.

Whom can I contact if I have questions?
NAEA Member Services is always ready to answer your questions! Contact them at NAHS@arteducators.org or 800-299-8321 (Monday–Friday, 8:15am–4:30pm ET).

I have a suggestion for the NAHS/NJAHS program or an idea for a new NAHS/NJAHS product. What should I do?
Send ideas and comments to NAHS@arteducators.org.

Establishing a Chapter

How do I start an NAHS/NJAHS chapter at my school?
First, download the Letter of Encouragement and the NAHS/NJAHS Handbook. Next, discuss the program with your administration and gain approval. Be sure to address topics such as bylaws, membership selection, funding and fund-raising with your principal. Once you’ve done this, you’re ready to begin membership selection and then register your chapter!

Is each chapter required to have its own bylaws?
Yes. Bylaws define the standards that students are held to in order to be active members of the NAHS/NJAHS chapter at your school. Written bylaws clearly communicate expectations to student members and parents and help avoid misunderstandings. All bylaws should be consistent with regulations outlined in the NAHS/NJAHS constitutions. Download NAEA’s suggested bylaws as a starting point. You can use or adapt the suggested bylaws to fit your school’s needs. Be sure to upload a copy of your bylaws on the NAHS/NJAHS Chapter Documents when registering your new chapter.

Can multiple schools join as one chapter?
Each school must be established as a separate chapter account. School districts cannot register multiple schools under the same chapter.

What does my chapter receive when we join?
New chapters receive a welcome letter, chapter charter, and student membership cards for each registered member, along with membership benefits.

Renewing chapters receive a registration letter and student certificates/membership cards for each registered student member.

Note: Please allow up to 4 weeks after receipt of your confirmation email for delivery of your NAHS materials.

If my school includes both a junior high and high school on one campus should I establish just one chapter?
It is essential to establish two separate chapters. NAHS chapters are intended for high schools and students in grades 9-12. On the other hand, NJAHS chapters are designed for middle or junior high schools and students in grades 6-8. For junior high schools that include 9th grade students, they should be part of their NJAHS chapter.

Registering a Chapter

Primary sponsors must register their chapter EACH school year for it to be considered an active chapter.

How do I register my NAHS/NJAHS chapter?
Sponsors can renew/register your chapter in four easy ways:

Once processing is completed, a confirmation email will be sent to the sponsor’s email address listed on the registration form.

What is the “Sponsorship Fee”? Am I required to pay it?
A yearly school sponsorship fee is required of each NAHS/NJAHS chapter. This fee is equivalent to the Active Professional NAEA membership dues and ensures that each primary sponsor is an NAEA member in good standing. Membership/chapter fees vary by state (see this chart for dues costs).

Note: If the chapter sponsor holds a current Active Professional NAEA membership (with an expiration date on or after June 30), then the school sponsorship fee is waived during registration. However, it is the responsibility of the sponsor to keep their membership current to remain eligible to receive chapter benefits such as the ability to order NAHS/NJAHS supplies.

Are both the primary sponsor and co-sponsor required to be NAEA members?
Yes, both the primary sponsor and co-sponsor(s) must hold NAEA memberships that are valid through at least June 30 of the current school year.

Do I need to register my chapter every year?
Yes. Your chapter’s membership lapses at the end of the school year (June 30). Chapters must be re-registered every school year to be considered active.

Can I register my chapter at any time? Why is the registration deadline January 31?
The NAHS/NJAHS programs run on an academic calendar of July 1 through June 30. The suggested time frame for completing your registration is between July and January. This time frame allows adequate time for member eligibility and selection, as well as the suggested 4 weeks to place and receive merchandise and/or resource orders for ceremonies. Please note that registrations submitted July 1–June 30 will be applied to the current school year.

Am I required to submit a student roster?
Yes. A student roster form is required when registering. If registering online, be sure to upload your student roster through the NAHS/NJAHS Chapter Profile.

Do I need to submit dues for ALL students in my chapter EVERY year?
Yes! Student dues ($5 per student) are required for every student in your chapter every year that they are a member.

Can I register my chapter online?
Yes! Online registration is available for new and renewing chapters through the sponsor’s NAEA Profile. Payment can be completed online with a credit card, or you can mail your invoice and payment to: Mailing Address: NAEA, 901 Prince Street, Alexandria, VA 22314 Fax: 703-860-2960 Email: NAHS@arteducators.org

How long will it take for my chapter registration to be processed?
Please allow up to 3 weeks for processing your NAHS/NJAHS registration, if you are mailing your check payment. Confirmation will be sent to the sponsor’s email address listed on the registration form once the registration has been processed.

Can I submit a school Purchase Order for my resource order (chapter supplies), student dues, and chapter fee?
Yes. Your school can combine your NAHS/NJAHS resource order and your NAHS/NJAHS registration. Please view NAEA’s Purchase Order (PO) requirements. If you need an invoice in order to pay for your sponsor and/or student dues, please select Bill Me in the checkout process, you will be emailed the invoice or contact NAEA Member Services by calling 800-299-8321 (M–F, 8:15 am–4:30 pm ET).

Can I register my student if they are in a home-schooled network?
Yes. Public, charter, private and virtual schools, home school networks, and community based non-profit art organizations are eligible to apply for charter through the National Art Education Association (NAEA). Contact NAEA Member Services for more information.

Chapter Management

When do I pay for new inductees?
Dues for new inductees should be paid during the school year in which they begin participating in chapter activities and meetings.

  • Spring Inductions: If you induct new members during a spring induction ceremony and those members will not be active in the chapter until the following school year, please register them as part of your chapter during the school year that they will actively participate. However if you would like to add students for the current year, you’ll also be able to add more students in your chapter profile.

  • Winter Inductions: If you induct members in the winter after you’ve registered your chapter for the current year (and these members will be active this school year), please pay their dues for the current school year.

Can I add a student after I’ve already registered my chapter for the current year?
Yes! Once you’ve registered your students, you can select the Registration button again in your chapter profile, where you will now see the option to Add More Students. Alternatively, you can complete the NAHS/NJAHS Chapter Registration form in the section labeled “Adding Students.” After filling out the form, simply send it to NAEA via mail along with the payment for the additional student dues.

Am I required to submit my student email addresses to NAEA?
While we encourage students to share their email addresses so that they may receive timely electronic information regarding the program, it is not required. Student email addresses are never sold or shared.

If a student was a member of the National Junior Art Honor Society (NJAHS), is that individual automatically a member of the National Art Honor Society (NAHS)?
No. Members of the National Junior Art Honor Society should go through the same selection process as all other candidates to become members of the National Art Honor Society.

How do I resolve conflicts within my chapter?
Please consult your chapter’s bylaws for guidance. The bylaws should outline the framework for governing your chapter, including procedures for addressing violations of chapter rules and policies. NAEA does not regulate individual chapter activity or participate in discipline/dismissal of students. The governing of the chapter shall remain at the discretion of the chapter sponsor and principal/school administration.

Who has the final authority on local chapter affairs—including selection, activities, and disciplinary action?
The activities of a chapter are subject to the approval of the sponsor and school principal.

Chapter Support and Resources

What is my chapter supposed to do throughout the year?
Each chapter identifies its own activity and service priorities. Find ideas on the NAHS/NJAHS website, in NAHS News, and throughout the NAHS/NJAHS Chapter Handbook. Network with fellow sponsors through NAEA COLLABORATE and share activity, service, and fundraising ideas.

What award and scholarship opportunities are available to NAHS/NJAHS members?
For award and scholarship details, check out the student opportunities page.

Remember to check with your state association for additional student opportunities. View the state association’s web addresses here.

How can I find out if there are other chapters in my state?
Send an email request to NAHS@arteducators.org to obtain a chapter list for your state.

What career resources are available to NAHS/NJAHS student members?
For career resources, ideas, and other information, click here.

What is NAHS News? How do I make a submission?
NAHS News is a semiannual, full-color, online publication that showcases your school’s NAHS/NJAHS chapter. Submissions are due November 1 for the winter Issue and March 1 for the spring Issue. Chapters may submit one chapter report, two chapter photos, and up to five images of student artwork. Click here to view recent issues.

NAHS/NJAHS Merchandise and Placing Orders

Where can I see merchandise available exclusively to NAHS/NJAHS chapters?
The Resource Catalog is located in the back of the NAHS/NJAHS Chapter Handbook. You may also view NAHS/NJAHS merchandise in the NAEA online store.

How can I order resources/merchandise for my chapter?
You may place a resource order in three ways (after your chapter has been registered for the current school year):

  • Online: Log in with your NAEA login credentials. For assistance with your login credentials, please contact NAHS@arteducators.org. Online payments by credit card only.
  • Phone: Contact NAEA Member Services by calling 800-299-8321 (M–F, 8:15am–4:30pm ET). Phone payments accepted by credit card only.
  • Purchase Order: NAEA accepts official school purchase orders that follow these purchase order guidelines. If the guidelines are not followed, the purchase order may not be accepted. If your school requires an invoice, after logging into your NAEA account, select Bill Me during the checkout process. The purchase order deadline is March 31, any orders received after this deadline require payment before shipping the items. If you have any questions regarding the process, please contact NAEA Member Services at 800-299-8321 or NAHS@arteducators.org

Who can place an order for my chapter or inquire about the status of my chapter’s order?
The chapter sponsor must place all orders and make all inquiries regarding order status. NAEA cannot discuss orders or chapter status with students or parents.

When do I need to place my order?
Order early! As soon as your chapter is registered you can place an order! Allow up to 4 weeks for processing and shipment of your NAHS/NJAHS order. A chapter must be registered for the current school year prior to placing an NAHS/NJAHS order. Please review NAEA’s Shipping/Order Policy.

Is expedited shipping available?
Yes, 2-day and next-day shipping is available for an additional cost. A chapter must be registered for the current school year prior to placing any NAHS/NJAHS order.

How long will delivery take?
Please allow up to 4 weeks for processing and shipping of your order. Delivery times may vary. Orders are shipped via FedEx and USPS; tracking information is provided to the sponsor’s email address upon shipping.

Can I have the delivery sent to my home address?
Yes. All orders must be placed by the primary sponsor of a registered chapter. NAEA cannot accept orders from parents or students.

Can I submit a purchase order for my resource order?
Yes. NAEA accepts official school purchase orders that follow these purchase order guidelines. If the guidelines are not followed, the purchase order may not be accepted. The deadline for purchase orders to be submitted to NAEA is March 31. If you have any questions regarding the process, please contact NAEA Member Services at 800-299-8321 or NAHS@arteducators.org.

There was a mistake with my order. What should I do?
Please contact finance@arteducators.org within 30 days of delivery to report any errors or damage. NAEA accepts returns within 30 days of delivery and will pay return shipping if your order was incorrectly filled. Contact finance@arteducators.org for further instructions. Cancellations/returns for any other reason are subject to a $10 restocking fee.