Learn More About NAHS/NJAHS

Parents and Students

National Art Honor Society chapters magnify the innovation, skill, and scholarship that visual arts programs and students bring to their school and community.

If your child’s school does not have a chapter of the National Art Honor Society, encourage them to establish a chapter today!

If your child’s school has a chapter, learn about the benefits of student membership and ask what it takes to become a member. Chapters are designed to support and recognize students who have shown outstanding abilities in art.

Below are answers to questions that are commonly asked by parents and students:

  • How can my child participate in the National Art Honor Society?
    A student may participate in the National Art Honor Societies through an established chapter at their school. A student cannot participate as a single member. Contact your child’s art educator or school administrator to ask about an existing chapter at the school or, download information to share in support of establishing a chapter here.

  • What are the benefits of having a chapter at my child’s school?
    View a full list of student benefits and sponsor benefits.

  • What types of schools may participate in the NAHS/NJAHS program?
    Public, charter, private and virtual schools, homeschool networks, and community-based nonprofit art organizations are eligible to apply for charter through the National Art Education Association (NAEA).

  • What are the eligibility criteria for my child to be included?
    Students must be enrolled in grades 6–12, have completed at least 1 semester of art in the school, and have a minimum art GPA of “B” (or the school’s equivalent) to be eligible for membership. Membership is based upon art scholarship, service, and character. Please note that additional eligibility criteria may be outlined within a school’s bylaws. Be sure to check with your child’s school for specific eligibility information.

  • What is a chapter sponsor? Who can act as chapter sponsor?
    A chapter sponsor is an art faculty member designated to supervise and provide guidance for the chapter on a regular basis. The sponsor acts as a liaison between the chapter and NAEA, faculty, administration, students, and community. Any art faculty member employed at the school may act as the school’s NAHS/NJAHS chapter sponsor.

  • Who can I contact if I have questions?
    If you have questions about the policies or procedures of the chapter at your child’s school, please contact the chapter sponsor directly. For general program inquiries, please send an email to NAEA Member Services at NAHS@arteducators.org.