Start A New Chapter

Follow these steps and guidelines for establishing a new NAHS/NJAHS chapter at your school.

  1. Consult your administrator to ensure that initiating an NAHS/NJAHS chapter aligns with your school’s policies. If you need help making the case for the value of starting a chapter, you can download a letter of encouragement here.

  2. Establish bylaws for your NAHS/NJAHS chapter. See sample Bylaws here.

  3. Invite qualifying students to join your chapter.

  4. After you have your student roster finalized, register the chapter with NAEA. Sponsors can register their chapter in 4 easy ways:

    • Online:
      Is your NAEA membership current through June 30? If not, click here to renew before establishing your chapter. If you’re not yet an NAEA member, first create an NAEA account, and then click “Start a NEW (not existing) NAHS/NJAHS Chapter.
    • Fax:
      Print, complete, and fax the registration form and payment to: (703) 860-2960
    • Mail:
      Print, complete, and mail the registration form and payment to: NAEA Member Services, 901 Prince Street, Alexandria, VA 22314-3008
    • Email:
      Print, complete, and e-mail the registration form and payment to
  5. Once processing is complete, a confirmation e-mail will be sent to the sponsor’s e-mail address. The chapter will receive a letter of acknowledgement and membership certificates/cards for each member in the mail. Chapters will also instantly have access to all other NAHS/NJAHS benefits.

Do you have questions? See our detailed FAQ page.