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Core Values

NAEA Core Values

Working in tandem with NAEA’s 2021-25 Mission, Vision, and Strategic Pillars (MVSP), the NAEA Board and Staff has developed a set of organizational values for the association. These values reflect core attributes and behaviors that the association uplifts and holds dear, in alignment with the MVSP.


A driving energy for our work

NAEA values creativity, forward thinking, and innovative problem solving. We are committed to fostering an environment for learners and educators, alike that cultivates passionate and intentional exploration of and contribution to the world through experiencing and making art.


Together, we can

NAEA is a community of, by, and for members. We are grounded by a shared Mission and Vision and aspire to evolve based on the needs and opportunities shared by our community. As a collaborative network, we strive to be welcoming, stand together, and show support through our actions, words, and relationships.


Fostering a welcoming community

NAEA is continuously working to cultivate an environment of acceptance and inclusion. This type of environment is sustained by a collective responsibility to lead through curiosity, learning, understanding, and empathy.


We are all growing as leaders

NAEA at its core is a teaching and learning organization. Creative adaptation, research, and continuous growth are cornerstones of our work. As instructional leaders in the arts, we also recognize and celebrate the leadership skills we bring to our roles to foster robust visual arts, design, and media arts education programs, such as advocacy, collaboration, and establishing safe spaces for expression.


Taking care of our communities and ourselves

NAEA recognizes the importance of professional and personal nourishment. We support educators as they prioritize time, energy, and space to successfully advance their own performance goals and better serve their learning and professional communities. We also encourage restorative self-care and are committed to offering resources and opportunities to equip individuals in their achievement of best practices.

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