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Platform and Position Statements

NAEA's platform and position statements relate to national issues or topics of interest to the profession and/or field of visual arts education and advances the mission of the organization.

These position statements are written by content experts and reviewed by the membership at large. They represent the voice of the Association on a range of topics and are reviewed on a regular basis. For more information on the application of position statements and the development process of statements, please review documents below.

What are the Visual Arts?

Visual Arts, as defined by the National Art Education Association, include the traditional fine arts, such as, drawing, painting, printmaking, photography, and sculpture; media arts, such as, animation, video and emerging digital technologies; design, such as, communication, product, and interactive; environmental, such as, architecture, landscape architecture, interior and urban planning; conceptual, performance, participatory, street, and folk arts and works of art in clay, glass, metal, wood, fiber, paper and other materials.


Read brief descriptions for each platform category below:

1. Learners

All learners deserve a comprehensive visual art education taught by effective educators who are certified/licensed in visual art.

View all position statements under the Learners category.

2. Art Educators

Art educators believe that the visual arts are vital to the comprehensive education of all students.

View all position statements under the Art Educators category.

3. Relationships

NAEA is empowered by developing its current and potential relationships, which further the association’s leadership role in service to its members and their students.

View all position statements under the Relationships category.

4. Curriculum

When expertly taught by visual art educators, and authentically assessed, the visual arts curriculum will be part of a high quality, effective and balanced education of all students.

View all position statements under the Curriculum category.

5. Instruction

Quality visual art instruction is vital to the development of individuals, communities, and society through creative expression and critical processes.

View all position statements under the Instruction category.

6. Assessment

NAEA believes that a variety of authentic assessments which are developmentally appropriate for all learners are vital to best practices in art education.

View all position statements under the Assessment category.

Archived Position Statements

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Position Statements Adopted prior to 2008

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NAEA Platform and Position Statement Review Process

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