About Us

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is composed of the President, President-Elect, Past President, Regional Vice Presidents, the Divisional Directors, and the Executive Director. The NAEA Board is the executive authority of the Association. The President serves as Chair of the Board and of the Executive Committee.

Executive/Finance Committee

  • Patricia “Pat” Franklin

    President (Term: 2015-2017)

    Supervisor of Visual and Performing Arts

    Newport News Public Schools

  • Kim Defibaugh

    President-Elect (Term: 2017-2019)

    Arts and Education Consultant

  • Dr. F. Robert Sabol

    Past-President (Term: 2015-2017)

    Professor of Visual & Performing Arts

    Purdue University

  • Emily Holtrop

    Division Director (Term: 2015-2017)

    Director of Learning and Interpretation

    Cincinnati Art Museum

  • Cris Guenter

    Regional Vice President (Term: 2016-2018)

    Professor, School of Education, California State University-Chico

  • Deborah B. Reeve, EdD

    Executive Director

National Vice Presidents

  • June Krinsky-Rudder

    Eastern Region Vice President (Term: 2016-2018)

    Secondary Art Educator

  • Diane Wilkin

    Eastern Region Vice President-Elect (Term: 2016-2018)

    Secondary Art Educator

  • Cris Guenter

    Pacific Region Vice President (Term: 2016-2018)

    Professor, School of Education, California State University-Chico

  • James Rees

    Pacific Region Vice President-Elect (Term: 2016-2018)

    Art Instructor/Art Department Chair/District Arts Coordinator

  • W. Scott Russell

    Southeastern Region Vice President (Term: 2016-2018)

    Elementary Art Educator

  • Meg Skow

    Southeastern Region Vice President-Elect (Term: 2016-2018)

    Art Teacher, Rollings Middle School of the Arts

  • Cindy Todd

    Western Region Vice President (Term: 2016-2018)

    Professor/Art Education Program Chair, Kendall College of Art & Design, Ferris State University

  • Bob Reeker

    Western Region Vice President-Elect (Term: 2016-2018)

    K-5 Visual Art and Computer Science Specialists & University Adjunct Instructor

National Division Directors

  • Thomas Knab

    Elementary Division Director (Term: 2015-2017)

    Elementary Art Educator

  • Jennifer Dahl

    Elementary Division Director-Elect (Term: 2015-2017)

    Elementary Art Educator

  • September Buys

    Middle Level Division Director (Term: 2015-2017)

    Art and Creativity Educator

  • Peter Curran

    Middle Level Division Director-Elect (Term: 2015-2017)

    Visual Art Educator, Grades 6-8

  • Andrea Haas

    Secondary Division Director (Term: 2015-2017)

    Secondary Art Educator

  • Joshua Drews

    Secondary Division Director-Elect (Term: 2015-2017)

    High School Art Teacher

  • Cheryl Maney

    Supervision/Administration Division Director (Term: 2015-2017)

    Visual Arts Supervisor, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools

  • Elizabeth Stuart

    Supervision/Administration Division Director-Elect (Term: 2015-2017)

    Instructional Supervisor, Visual Art, Prince George’s County Public Schools

  • Sara Wilson McKay

    Higher Education Division Director (Term: 2015-2017)

    Chair & Associate Professor, Department of Art Education, Virginia Commonwealth University School

  • Jeffrey L. Broome

    Higher Education Division Director-Elect (Term: 2015-2017)

    Assistant Professor of Art Education, Coordinator of Teacher Education, Department of Art Education, Florida State University

  • Emily Holtrop

    Museum Education Division Director (Term: 2015-2017)

    Director of Learning and Interpretation, Cincinnati Art Museum

  • Michelle Grohe

    Museum Education Division Director-Elect (Term: 2015-2017)

    Assistant Curator of Education & School Programs, Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum

  • Amanda Barbee

    Preservice Division Director (Term: 2015-2017)

    Preservice Art Educator

  • Jessica Burton Aulisio

    Preservice Division Director-Elect (Term: 2015-2017)

    Preservice Art Educator