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The NAEA Board of Directors is elected by its members.

2019 Election Results

NAEA is pleased to announce our recent election results and would like to introduce NAEA President-Elect James H. Rolling Jr. Rolling is dual professor and chair of art education at Syracuse University in Syracuse, New York.

President-Elect Rolling will officially begin his term on the NAEA Board of Directors at the conclusion of the NAEA Board of Directors meeting on March 17, 2019, in Boston. He will serve two years as President-Elect, two years as President, and two years as Past President.

The following were also elected as Division Directors-Elect. The Division Directors-Elect will begin their terms as Elects at the conclusion of the NAEA Board of Directors meeting in Boston. During their terms, they will work closely with their respective Division Director in leading work related to their Division. The Division Directors-Elect will then join the Board of Directors as Division Directors at the conclusion of the NAEA Board of Directors meeting in 2021 in Chicago.

Elementary Division Director-Elect
Tiffany Beltz
Art Educator, Grades K-5, Onalaska, Wisconsin

Middle Level Division Director-Elect
Aimee Burgamy
Art Teacher and Lead Teacher, Duluth, Georgia

Secondary Division Director-Elect
MaryJane Long
Art Teacher, Grades 9-12, Dover, Delaware

Higher Education Division Director-Elect
Christina Hanawalt
Assistant Professor of Art Education, University of Georgia, Athens, Georgia

Preservice Division Director-Elect
Lynn Loubert
Preservice Student, Ferris State University, Grand Rapids, Michigan

Supervision & Administration Division Director-Elect
Jeremy Holien
State Visual & Media Arts Education Specialist, Perpich Center for Arts Education, Golden Valley, Minnesota

Museum Education Division Director-Elect
Jaime Thompson
Learning and Programs Director, Contemporary Arts Center, Cincinnati, Ohio

NAEA Leadership Positions

The Nominating Committee invites NAEA members to submit qualified names for consideration each spring. The deadline is typically July 1 of each year. Those interested in serving are encouraged to review NAEA’s mission; 2015-2020 Strategic Vision as well as the respective responsibilities for each position.

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