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The NAEA Board of Directors is elected by its members.

The nomination deadline closed at 11:59 pm ET on Monday, August 30, 2021.

The Nominating Committee is seeking candidates for the following NAEA Board of Directors positions: Regional Vice Presidents (Eastern, Pacific, Southeastern, Western).

Please consider nominating members you know who have an interest in national leadership and service. The nomination deadline closed at 11:59 pm ET on Monday, August 30, 2021.


The Vice Presidents serves for a total of 4 years: 2 years each as Vice President-Elect and then 2 years as Vice President. Members nominated for these national leadership positions must reside in the region, be active members of NAEA, and have previously served in Delegates Assembly.

The term as Elect begins at the conclusion of the 2022 NAEA National Convention in New York, March 2022, and ends at the conclusion of the 2024 NAEA National Convention. At that point the candidate selected as Elect would become Vice President from March 2024 through March 2026.


The Nominating Committee invites NAEA members to submit qualified names for consideration. Those interested in serving are encouraged to review NAEA’s mission; 2021-2025 Strategic Vision as well as the respective responsibilities for each position.

  1. Leadership Responsibilities: Serve the full terms as outlined above and successfully complete all leadership responsibilities consistent with NAEA policies and procedures.

  2. Conflict of Interest: Review the Conflict of Interest policy, disclose any potential conflicts that may be real and/or perceived, sign and submit the Conflict of Interest Disclosure Form.

  3. Volunteer Leadership Service Agreement: Review the Volunteer Leadership Service Agreement, which ensures each member of the Board is clear about expectations in meeting the legal responsibilities of service as a member of the NAEA Board of Directors, sign and submit the Volunteer Leadership Service Agreement.

  4. Board Meeting Participation: As Elect, attend and actively participate in the annual summer meeting of the Board of Directors; as a member of the Sitting Board, attend and actively participate in the three annual meetings of the Board of Directors (summer, fall, spring/Convention).

  5. Organizational Understanding: Promote the mission and purpose of NAEA, the Strategic Vision (goals and priorities), and Position Statements.

  6. Leadership Succession: Demonstrate a commitment to leadership succession by identifying and mentoring emerging leaders.

The following comprise a complete nomination packet that must be submitted online:

  • Completed Nomination, Vita, and Consent to Serve information (filled out online);

  • A letter of support written by the Nominator (please have this ready to upload when submitting the nomination, as this document cannot be submitted separately; pdf preferred);

  • A color photograph