About Us

Governance Structure

The National Office is located in Alexandria, Virginia, just outside the nation's capital.

From here, the Executive Director and staff administer the policies established by the NAEA Board and act as the clearinghouse for member questions, problems, and concerns.

Board of Directors 

Establishes NAEA policy: 14 elected members plus the NAEA Executive Director.

Official spokesperson for the Association.

Past President 

Chairs the NAEA Finance Committee.


Chairs the NAEA Professional Materials Committee.

National Division Directors (7)

Represent art educators from each of the seven job-alike groups: Elementary, Middle Level, Secondary, Higher Education, Preservice, Supervision/Administration, and Museum Education.

Vice Presidents (4)
Represent art educators from each of the four geographic regions: Eastern, Pacific, Southeastern, and Western. Act as the Coordinating Board for Delegates Assembly.

Member Representation
Five individual Board members represent each member of the Association: three Presidents, one Division Director, and one Vice President. Members can directly influence decisions affecting NAEA through these representatives.

Regional Division Directors are appointed by the National Division Directors and work with their national counterparts to address the concerns of their constituents and recommend programs.

Delegates Assembly meets annually at the National Convention. The Assembly is composed of elected or appointed representatives from all 50 states, the District of Columbia, Overseas Art Education Association, British Columbia, U.S. Territories, plus non-voting representatives from the Interest Groups.

The Delegates Assembly provides another vehicle for members to influence activities and polices of NAEA. It studies issues and recommends legislative and policy matters to the Board. It provides individual members yet another vehicle for influencing the activities and policies of NAEA.

How Delegates Assembly Works

  • Issues are solicited from members through their state/province associations.
  • Working Groups are formed to study and recommend.
  • Recommendations are presented to the Delegates Assembly body.
  • Assembly-passed positions/resolutions are presented to the NAEA Board.
  • Board studies Delegates Assembly recommended actions.
  • Board-approved positions/resolutions are incorporated into NAEA plans for action.

Standing Committees: Executive/Finance, Professional Materials, and Nominating

Appointed Ad Hoc Committees

Commissions: Research