Lifelong Learning Interest Group (LL)

Established 1990

Purpose: We are advocates for quality art education programs for all ages, which are primarily community-based, but also we are active in the support of the community out-reach efforts of secondary schools, and of higher education institution’s non-credit, short term classes offered through a college or university division of continuing and adult education. Also, we do research and offer support for those who teach adult students in higher education institutions with degree programs in Art and Art Education. We examine cultural policy issues in relation to lifelong learning, arts and aging, and offer resources, guidance to those wishing lifelong learning assistance in developing or expanding community based art education. As educators, we respect lifelong learners of all ages and hope to remind our colleagues that learners, such as adults, have different learning styles and needs than younger adults; as do informal and conformal participants versus formal schooling.

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This Interest Group was formerly under the name Committee on Lifelong Learning (LLL).

Deborah Wall

LL Chair (2023-2025)