NAEA Research Commission - Professional Learning through Research Working Group


  • Justin P. Sutters, PhD


    Director of MAT Program & Assistant Professor of Art Education

    George Mason University

  • Drew Brown


    Fulton County Schools

    Sweet Apple Elementary

  • Susannah Brown, PhD

    Southeastern Region

    Associate Professor, Art Education

    Florida Atlantic University

  • Rachel Hallquist

    Pacific Region

    Instructional Coach

    Mount Diablo Unified School District

  • Trina Harlow

    At-Large Representative

    Art Education Program Coordinator

    Kansas State University, College of Education

  • Joana Hyatt

    Western Region

    Assistant Professor of Art Education

    Lamar University

  • Dana Carlisle Kletchka

    Museum Education

    Assistant Professor of Art Education

    Ohio State University

  • Kristi Oliver

    Eastern Region and Liaison to the Research Commission

    Assistant Professor of Art Education

    University of Massachusetts Dartmouth

  • Susan Silva


    Photography Teacher, Fine Arts Department Chairperson

    Oakton High School, Fairfax County Public Schools

  • Karin Tollefson-Hall

    Higher Education

    Associate Professor of Art Education & Graduate Program Director

    James Madison University, Virginia

  • Pamelia D. Valentine

    Middle Level

    Visual Arts Teacher/ Electives Team Leader

    Oakland Bay Junior High School, Shelton School District, Shelton Washington

  • Gloria Wilson


    Assistant Professor of Art Education

    Virginia Commonwealth University (Fall 2018)

Vision Statements

What drives your curiosity in art/education/art studio practice? Research means to follow these lines of inquiry. Take a walk with your curiosities, collect data, reflect and illuminate your discoveries.
-Amy Pfeiler-Wunder, Chairperson

Learning, especially in the arts, involves more than simply playing within boundaries, it also requires some playing with boundaries. Who is allowed to generate and access research is a question of boundaries that needs critical attention.

-Daniel Barney, Secondary Representative

Research can be a way to improve teaching practice at all levels.
-Melanie Huffington, Higher Education Representative

Art is a record of our civilization. It continually evolves and takes on new forms of expression. Not only is it important to appreciate the past, but research ensures the visual arts will continue to validate our place in the world.  Research guides and connects emerging brain studies, mediums, and methodologies in the visual arts.
-Carl Clausen, Pacific Region Representative

Well-crafted research is essential. It is how we continually learn about those who use our programs and art exhibitions; it gives our projects purpose and relevance. Critically, research helps us make responsible decisions about how to use our precious financial resources.
-Jennifer Czajkowski, Museum Representative

Research is the act of us searching again – for meaning, for experiences, for interpretations, for theories, for ourselves. The process is most exciting to me when we engage in it together.

-Leslie Gates, At-Large Representative

As a visual art educator I believe it is essential to be informed of current practices, philosophies and pedagogy to meet the needs of our varied learners. I actively seek opportunities to grow personally and professionally. I want my teaching practices to be soundly grounded in what is best practice through research, inquiry and theory. As a reflective practitioner I am always examining approaches, effects and outcomes that create opportunities for change and growth for me and my students.

-Linda Kieling, Middle Level Representative

Werner von Braun, a German rocket engineer said, “Research is what I’m doing when I don’t know what I’m doing.” This quote helped me to realize that as a practicing art teacher in an elementary, middle or secondary classroom, I am a researcher. Every time I say, what if?  why not? Or let’s try!, my students and I are conducting research. The discoveries sometimes lead to more research and the sharing of what we learn benefits others as well.
-Kirby Meng, Southeastern Region Representative

All reflective practitioners are researchers, we are always striving to perfect our craft and gain a deeper understanding of our students and their needs.  Through research we can explore the challenges and opportunities that come with teaching visual art.

-Kristi Oliver, At-Large Representative

(Re)search is an iterative process of seeking and reflecting through your own unique and shared experiences in relation to a larger context.  I see research as a conversation that is threaded over time with the goal of deeper engagement and meaning-making.

-Shyla Rao, Eastern Region Representative

Students and teachers, at all levels, are researchers including elementary art educators and the children they teach.  Research is not something to fear, despise, or avoid.  Discover and embrace your natural curiosity, and you too will realize how impactful research can be in your practice.

-Bob Reeker, Elementary Representative

Research is the key to unlocking best practice to support student learning. “Teachers as Researchers” are models of continued learning. The knowledge they gain is the key to advocacy, unlocking how art education supports the whole child.
-Lorinda Rice, Supervision & Administration Representative

Research is personal. For me, it is inextricably intertwined with > pedagogy. Dialogue with my students makes visible inquiries that demand investigation. Research thus provides the hope to go forward.

-Justin Sutters, At-Large Representative

Never stop looking, searching, and finding…stay curious.
-Bradford B. Venable, Western Region Representative

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