Book Proposal Submissions

NAEA has partnered with Routledge for the publication of books to advance visual arts education perspectives for the education community.

What to consider before submitting your book proposal:

  • Does your book idea have a unique selling point or an angle on the topic that is new, interesting, innovative, and/or compelling?
  • Is there a clear demand for your book from an art academic or art education professional audience, and what is it about your book idea that specific readers might want and/or need to read?
  • Is the scope of your book’s concept broad enough to be of interest to readers on a global scale?
  • What makes you the best person to write this book? What is it about your experience, research, and background that makes you an expert?

The guidelines and links listed below are designed to help you prepare your proposal so it includes the information required to assess the viability of your work. Please review the information in each link carefully prior to submitting your proposal.

Important things to keep in mind after you submit your proposal:

  • There will be a waiting period of approximately 12–14 weeks between the time your book proposal is submitted, to the time you are notified of formal acceptance for publication. There may also be times when this waiting period could potentially be longer. If you choose to withdraw your proposal from the review process during this time, please contact NAEA’s Publications Manager Jamie Klinger-Krebs at
  • Upon receiving your proposal package, the NAEA Publications Manager will check to ensure all required submission materials are present and correct. Please be prepared to answer questions or submit additional information during this time, if needed.
  • Please keep in mind that anything you provide to NAEA and Routledge will be sent to reviewers as part of the review process (including your CV).

The more prepared you and your manuscript are, the quicker and easier the review period will be, so please follow our manuscript preparation and submission guidelines to ensure you and your manuscript are ready to move forward.

Preparing your files for submission:

  • Please put all files into one folder and zip if necessary (use your last name, underscore, and book title as the folder name like this example: klinger-krebs_awesome-book-title).
  • You may also provide a link to your files from a reputable file hosting or transfer service such as Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive, etc.

Ready to Submit Your Proposal?

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Questions? Contact Jamie Klinger-Krebs, NAEA Publications Manager at