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July 6, 2016. The Data Visualization Working Group is the initial research working group of the Research Commission. The intention of this inaugural working group was to develop procedures for future working groups, including criteria and processes in the Research Commission for endorsing member generated projects.

With the launch of the National Art Education Association’s (NAEA) Research Commission in 2012, Commissioners sought input from NAEA members and constituent groups to identify research needs and interests. In keeping with the goals of the research commission, the needs identified responded to concerns relate to P-16 art classrooms, museums, community arts programs, and other educational settings while advocating for research.

The Data Visualization Working Group (DVWG) was established with a dual purpose. First, it was a response to the Commission’s goal of “Organizational Vibrancy” whereby an approach to using data to increase knowledge was seen as a means of promoting a “culture of research.” Second, data visualization is seen as a possible approach to compiling and analyzing readily available data as sources of information that might address many off the issues raised by the NAEA membership. For example, members sought information on matters such as:

  • Demographic data available from national surveys
  • Student-teacher ratios
  • Distribution of minority art teachers in the U.S.
  • Means in which to conduct participatory research with field members
  • Art education policy and advocacy
  • National surveys with demographic data updated annually


  • Yichien Cooper, PhD

    Chair (Think Tank Member)

    Washington State University Tri-Cities, Teaching and Learning

  • Karen Keifer-Boyd, PhD

    (Think Tank Member)

    Professor of Art Education & Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies,The Pennsylvania State University

  • Enid Zimmerman, PhD

    (Think Tank Member)

    Professor Emerita of Art Education and Gifted and High Ability Education, Indiana University

  • Dr. Renee Sandell

    (Think Tank Member)

    Program Director/Founder/Artist/Educator

  • Richard Siegesmund, PhD

    (Think Tank Member)

    Professor Art+Design Education, School of Art and Design, Northern Illinois University

  • Bob Sweeny, PhD

    (Think Tank Member)

    Professor, Art Education, Program Coordinator, Art Education, Indiana University of Pennsylvania

  • Yu-Hsiang Chen, PhD

    (Think Tank Member)

    Teacher of Fine Arts, Taipei Municipal Datong High School

  • Juan Carlos Castro, PhD

    Chair (2018-2020); (2016-2018 Associate Chair); (DVWG Think Tank Member)

    Associate Professor, Undergraduate Programs Advisor, Department of Art Education, Faculty of Fine Arts

    Concordia University, Quebec, Canada

  • Sheri R. Klein, PhD, MFA

    (Think Tank Member)


  • Chris Grodoski, PhD

    (Think Tank Member)

    Middle Level Art Educator, Franklin Middle School, Wheaton, Illinois

  • Elzbieta Kazmierczak

    Adjunct Assistant Professor, Education Policy, Organization & Leadership

    University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

  • Justin P. Sutters, PhD

    Assistant Professor, Art Education, Director, Master of Arts in Education (MAT)

    George Mason University

  • Pamelia D. Valentine M.I.T.

    NBCT, EAYA Visual Arts, WAEA Co-President

  • Amber Ward

    Assistant Professor, Art Education

    California State University

  • Libba Willcox

    Associate Instructor

    Indiana University - Bloomington

  • Lihua Xu, PhD

    College of Education and Human Performance

    University of Central Florida

  • Ilayda Altuntas

    PhD Candidate, Graduate Teaching Assistant, School of Arts, Art Education, Pennsylvania State University

  • Cheri Eileen Ehrlich

    Assistant Professor of Art Education, Art Education Coordinator, Southern Connecticut State University

  • Ann Holt, PhD

    Visiting Assistant Professor of Art and Design Education, Pratt Institute, Adjunct Professor at Adelphi University

  • Yen-Ju Lin, PhD

    Museum Art Educator, Instructional Technologist, Researcher, and Graphic Designer

  • Adetty Pérez de Miles, PhD

    Associate Professor, Department of Art Education: Visual Art Studies, University of North Texas

  • Li-Yan Wang, PhD

    Associate Professor of the Department of Art, National Changhua University of Education, Taiwan

  • Yu-Chih Wu

    Art Educator, Tomato Art School, China

  • Wanda Knight, PhD

    Associate Professor of Art Education, African American Studies, and Women’s, Gender & Sexuality Studies; Professor-in-Charge of the Art Education Program, Pennsylvania State University

2015 Update
After launching the DVWG and inviting NAEA members, over 30 art educators representing all levels from the field responded to participate. Interests from this group were surveyed and in San Diego, many shared the methods, topics and issues germane to their data visualization interests.  Data Visualization Working Group members have hosted a number of Interactive Café Events over the past year and a half, all of which are archived on the Café site. Additionally at least a half dozen sessions extended the work of the Data Visualization Working Group during the New Orleans Convention.

One of these included a follow-up to the San Diego presentations; this session was organized around the four topics of the Research Agenda. Each review refined knowledge about the interests and needs of data visualization within the NAEA.   

  • The Assessment and Evaluation Review was led by Pam Taylor
  • The Demographic Data Review was led by Justin Sutters
  • The Emergent Technology Review was led by Bob Sweeny
  • The Social Justice Review was led by Yichien Cooper, Adriana Katzew, Elka Kazmierczak, and Amber Ward

From this closer look, a number of common themes began to emerge, indicating overlapping interests and possible next steps. It is worth noting, Data Visualization includes a wide range of needs, which members also hold in common. Chief among these is a desire to grow capacities with digital visualization resources. Currently, outreach to these presenters and other DVWG members is underway to gauge their insights on the possibilities of a shared, solidified action in the year ahead.

For more information, please contact Chris Grodoski at

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