Book Proposal Submissions

Book Proposal Submissions: What are we looking for?

The following guidelines are designed to help you prepare your book proposal for potential publication under the NAEA–Routledge co-publishing partnership.

What are we looking for from an author and book?

Are you an active member of the community for which you are writing?

You don’t need to have previously published a book, but we do expect you to have publishing credits from articles, papers in journals, or recent relevant publications.

Who are you working with?

Co-authors (or co-editors) can bring a variety of perspectives to a project and lessen the individual workload. We recommend a team of up to three people who work well together and possess complimentary expertise.

We welcome proposals for cohesive edited collections with a strong theme and consistent quality through all chapters. We aim to reflect an even gender balance and a diversity of racial, ethnic, and cultural backgrounds across all contributors wherever possible.

Will you be available to write, submit, and support production of your book?

The book publishing process is often slow and lengthy. Writing and finishing your manuscript is time-consuming, but it is only the beginning. Revisions are often required in several phases, so please be prepared to be patient and open with your work throughout the process.

Please note that upon submitting your proposal package for publishing consideration under the NAEA-Routledge co-publishing partnership, there will be a waiting period of 12–14 weeks between the time your proposal is submitted, to the time you are notified of formal acceptance for publication. Upon receiving your proposal package, the NAEA Publications Manager will check to ensure all submission materials are present and correct. Please be prepared to answer queries and potentially have your manuscript returned for revisions during this time, if needed. The more prepared you and your manuscript are, the quicker and easier this period will be, so please follow our author manuscript preparation and submission guidelines below to ensure you and your manuscript are ready to move forward.