NAEA Research Commission Roster

Meet the Commissioners

  • Juan Carlos Castro, PhD

    Chair (2018-2020); (2016-2018 Associate Chair)

    Associate Professor, Undergraduate Programs Advisor, Department of Art Education, Faculty of Fine Arts

    Concordia University, Quebec, Canada

  • James Haywood Rolling, Jr.

    Associate Chair (2018-2020); (2014-2016; 2017-2019)

    Chair & Professor of Art Education

    Syracuse University, NY

  • Mary Hafeli

    Past Chair (2018-2020); (2012-2014; 2014-2016 Associate Chair; 2016-2018 Chair)

    Director and Professor of Art and Art Education

    Teachers College, Columbia University, NY

  • David Rufo, PhD

    Commissioner - Elementary (2017-2019)

    Clinical Assistant Professor, 2U Program Coordinator, Graduate School of Education, Fordham University

    New York, NY

  • Jacqueline McElhany

    Commissioner - Middle Level (2017-2019)

    Middle Art Educator, Emory H. Markle Intermediate School

    Hanover, PA

  • Matt Young

    Commissioner - Secondary (2015-2017; 2017-2019)

    Art Chair, Pickerington Schools

    Pickerington Schools, OH

  • Amy Pfeiler-Wunder

    Commission - Higher Education (2016-2018; 2018-2020)

    Associate Professor, Art Education and Crafts Department

    Kutztown University, PA

  • Raymond Veon

    Commissioner - Supervision/Administration (2015-2017; 2017-2019)

    Assistant Dean for Arts Education and Director, Arts Access, Caine College of the Arts

    Utah State University

  • Olga Hubard

    Commissioner - Museum (2015-2017; 2017-2019)

    Associate Professor of Art Education

    Teachers College, Columbia University, NY

  • Kathy Marzilli Miraglia

    Commissioner - Preservice (2014-2016; 2017-2019)

    Professor of Art Education

    University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth

  • Julia Marshall

    At-Large Commissioner (2016-2018; 2018-2020)


    San Francisco State University, CA

  • Kristi Oliver

    At-Large Commissioner (2018-2020)

    Assistant Professor of Art Education, Program Director, Art All-State MA, College of Visual and Performing Arts

    University of Massachusetts Dartmouth

  • Daniel T Barney, PhD

    At-Large Commissioner (2018-2020)

    Associate Professor of Art Education, Department of Art, College of Fine Arts and Communications, Brigham Young University

  • Kathryn Hillyer

    EX-OFFICIO Representing the National Art Education Foundation (NAEF) (2018-2020)

    Art Educator Emerita, Instructional Assistant Professor, Illinois State University

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