Viewfinder: Reflecting on Museum Education E-Journal

Viewfinder: Reflecting on Museum Education E-Journal

Viewfinder is an experimental publication about museum education from the National Art Education Association’s Museum Education Division that aims to engage colleagues in ongoing dialogues about museum education today by combining the speed and timeliness of a blog with the rigor of a peer-reviewed journal. Featuring experiments, inviting critiques, and inspiring cross-generational dialogue, Viewfinder is a resource that is not dedicated solely to best practices, but rather documents the value of rigorous reflection.

Articles will be solicited via the NAEA listserv and social media outlets. Colleagues will be invited to submit a summary/abstract and indicate the number of years they have worked in the field. Peer editors will also be found through the listserv, and the publication’s organizers will pair each accepted submission with an editor who is in a different “generation” than the article writer. If you’d like to be involved, whether as an author or peer reviewer, or if you have ideas or comments on topics or themes, we would love to hear from you! Please read this article for more information.

Viewfinder Issue 4 – Intentionality and the Role of the Museum Educator: Letter from the Editors

Social Justice in Museum Education: A VIEWFINDER SERIES

Many art museum educators are engaging with the field of social justice, profoundly changing institutional understandings of equity and broadening audience engagement. How is this achieved and maintained? Through intentionality — reflection, mindfulness, constant learning, and collaboration.

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