Retired Art Educators Affiliate (RAEA) Column: Feb/Mar 2022

NAEA News Feb/Mar 2022

The columns for this issue of NAEA News were written prior to the 2022 National Convention. As such, you may find information about Convention sessions and references to past occurrences in the future tense.

Are you excited yet? Excited about what, you say? Well, the NAEA Convention in New York (March 3–5) is almost here!! I am pretty sure that by now, those of you who are going have all your plans made. I am excited that in a few short weeks, I will be surrounded by art educators! I hope that you are coming and if not, I hope that you have registered to receive the hybrid portion of the Convention. We have some exciting things planned for the Convention. One of the biggest things is that we finally get to have our Silent Auction again. I hope some of you are planning on donating something to the auction. If you can’t donate artwork, consider sponsoring a table. I like to do this because I don’t keep the artwork I create; it is mostly commissioned work. Here is some information that you might need if you haven’t already decided to donate artwork:

Don’t forget to set aside your donation(s) to the RAEA Silent Auction in New York! Remember, this is the fund-raising activity that RAEA uses to raise money for awards. If you are not planning on attending or you are not able to donate an item for sale, please consider making a monetary contribution. You can sponsor a table for $30, or you can make a general donation. Whatever you decide to do, we appreciate your generosity! If you are sponsoring a table, please make your $30 checks out to NAEA and put RAEA Silent Auction Table Sponsor on the memo line. You can sponsor as many tables as you want. If you are sponsoring a table, please email Anne Becker and let her know, then send your checks (or bring them to the Convention) to Pam Signorelli, 1327 Chalon Lane, Fort Myers, FL 33919

All NAEA members are invited to donate. Categories include all 2D and 3D artwork. If you have any questions, email Anne Becker at The information sheet to accompany any donated pieces is at You will find the “Silent Auction Bid Sheet” at the bottom of the RAEA page under Helpful Downloads on the NAEA/RAEA website. You can print out that page (TWO copies, please) and include both copies with your artwork. Not going to the NAEA National Convention? You might ask a fellow art educator in your area to bring your artwork to the conference. Please email Anne Becker and let her know you are sending something so that she will expect it. If you are bringing artwork to the Convention yourself, you may drop it at the RAEA table or bring it to the Silent Auction before it opens, 6:30 pm at the latest.

VOLUNTEERS ARE NEEDED! If you are attending the Convention, please consider volunteering to staff the RAEA table near registration. It’s an easy job and a nice way to connect with other retired members. Just email Anne Becker that you are willing to help, and we’ll contact you directly about times to help.

I wanted to share the schedule for presentations and workshops that are being given by our RAEA members.

Thursday, 3/3/2022, 12:00 pm–12:50 pm
Hilton/Murray Hill West/2nd Floor
Retired and Resonating in State and National Art Education Associations
COPRESENTERS: Betsy Logan, Lorraine Poling, Kathryn Hillyer, AnnRené Joseph, Debi West, and Kris Fontes

Friday 3/4/2022, 1:00 pm–1:50 pm
Hilton/Nassau East/2nd Floor
Woven Stories: Autoethnographies Through Fiber Arts Projects
COPRESENTERS: Trina Harlow and Kim Defibaugh

Friday, 3/4/2022, 2:00 pm–2:50 pm
Hilton/Nassau East/2nd Floor
Retired Art Educators Affiliate Interest Group Annual Awards
COPRESENTERS: Betsy Logan, Kathryn Hillyer, and Nancy Walkup

Friday, 3/4/2022, 3:00 pm–3:50 pm
Hilton/Nassau East/2nd Floor
Retired Art Educators Affiliate (RAEA) Interest Group Annual Business Meeting
COPRESENTERS: Betsy Logan, Kathryn Hillyer, and Nancy Walkup

Friday, 3/4/2022, 8:00 am–9:40 am
Create Deep Foil Relief With Totally Terrific Tooling Foil
This is a ticketed hands-on workshop.
PRESENTER: Phyllis Brown

Saturday, 3/5/2022, 2:00 pm–3:50 pm
Hilton/Hudson/4th Floor
Cooling Zentangle Fans
This is a ticketed hands-on workshop.
PRESENTER: Pam Signorelli

Saturday, 3/5/2022, 3:30 pm–3:55 pm
Hilton/Nassau East/2nd Floor
Survival Craft: Retirement, Redundancy, and COVID-19
PRESENTER: Arthur Stoermer

These look like some awesome presentations from our members. I am so excited to attend some of these. I sure do hope some of you will plan on presenting next year in San Antonio. Stay safe and I am looking forward to SEEING you in the BIG APPLE!!!!

Besty Logan, RAEA President

Kathryn Hillyer, RAEA Past President

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