Women’s Caucus (WC)

Established 1976

Purpose: The NAEA’s Women’s Caucus (NAEA WC) shall represent and work to advance art education as an advocate of equity for women and all people who encounter injustice; and shall work to eliminate discriminatory gender and other stereotyping practices for individuals and groups, and for the concerns of women art educators and artists.

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Women’s Caucus NAEA Sponsored Events

  • WC sessions
  • Artist Breakfast Talk
  • Women’s Caucus Awards
  • Women’s Caucus Exhibition
  • Lobby Session
  • Open board meetings

Opportunities for WC Members
Members can:

  • Shape, prioritize, plan, and act on current and future WC initiatives
  • Find a community of art educators with shared interests
  • Create opportunities for collaboration, research and leadership
  • Participate in the yearly WC exhibit
  • Receive a copy of the color exhibit catalog

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