Caucus on the Spiritual in Art Education (CSAE)

Established 2008

Purpose: The Caucus on the Spiritual in Art Education (CSAE) seeks to study the relationship between the spiritual impulse and the visual arts, to examine the spiritual aspects of art from various cultures and historical eras, including the use of spiritual icons and signifier, and to define spiritual concepts in art education. It also seeks to develop a comprehensive paradigm for holistic art education and to encourage research on the transformative aspects of the visual arts as a therapeutic or healing modality. Additionally, the CSAE seeks to develop art education curriculum theory and practices that encourage the study of the spiritual in art in all levels of education, within the boundaries of the constitutional separation of church and state, and the establishing of a community of art education professionals who participate in scholarly research and publication on topics related to the spiritual in art education.

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CSAE Board 2022-24
Chair: Raine Dawn Valentine |
Past Chair: Sheri Klein |
Membership Coordinator: Margaret Ann Leysath
Higher Education: Jane Dalton
Middle School Representative: Raine Dawn Valentine
Elementary Representative: Shana Pearlmutter
Publications Coordinator: Vicki Evans

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Raine Dawn Valentine

CSAE Chair (2022-2024)