Caucus of Social Theory in Art Education (CSTAE)

Established 1980

Purpose: To promote the use of theoretical concepts from the social sciences; to study visual culture and the teaching of art; to inform art educators about theory and practice in the social sciences, thus acting as a liaison between social scientists and art educators; to encourage research into the social context of visual culture and teaching art; and to develop socially relevant programs for use in teaching art.

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Cala Coats

Arizona State University

Past Coordinator
Manisha Sharma

University of Arizona​

Darden Bradshaw

University of Dayton

Melanie Buffington

Virginia Commonwealth University

Associate Editor
John Derby

University of Kansas

Past Editor
Sharif Bey

Syracuse University

Cala Coates

Stephen F. Austin State University

Online Curriculum Coordinator
Derek Fenner

Digital Curator
Ryan Patton

Virginia Commonwealth University

Associate Digital Curator Lillian Lewis
Pennsylvania State University

Past Digital Curator
Clayton Funk

Ohio State University

NAEA News Columnists
Rebecca Black & Anna Ramsay

Melanie Buffington

Virginia Commonwealth University

Karen Keifer-Boyd

Pennsylvania State University

Digication Site
Jennifer Combe

University of Montana

Cala Coats