National Art Education Foundation: Grant Announcement 2022

NAEA News Summer 2022

National Art Education Foundation Announces Grant Recipients for 2022–2023

The Board of Trustees of the National Art Education Foundation (NAEF) has announced the recipients of the next cycle of grant awards. The 11 grants awarded reflect total funding of $64,578, an increase of $9,000 over total FY22 funding. The NAEF grant program is highly competitive, with annual requests for funding totaling approximately $165,000. This year’s requests were almost $235,000 due to a very large number of submissions in the Research Grant category. The grant awards were voted on by the NAEF Board of Trustees in May 2022.

The NAEF Board of Trustees and reviewers continued to be impressed with the range of projects NAEA members are developing with support from the NAEF grant program. “We are pleased with the smooth transition to an online submission for the second year. In spite of a very difficult year for our community, we continued to receive very competitive proposals,” reported Diane Scully, 2021–2022 Chair of the NAEF Board of Trustees. F. Robert Sabol, Chair of the NAEF Grants Program Committee and incoming NAEF Chair for 2022–2023 added, “We are pleased to be able to offer substantive levels of funding to support a set of very timely proposals from applicants pursuing professional development opportunities, developing new models of classroom practice, and research in visual arts education. With a very competitive research grant cycle, we are looking carefully at how the NAEF funded research projects can have an impact in our field.”

Kathi R. Levin, NAEF Program/Development Officer, noted that the Foundation’s support doesn’t end with the funding. “We look forward to hearing about the impact and outcomes of the work funded through NAEF’s grant programs. The Trustees identify select grantees to present their work each year at the NAEA National Convention. We also look forward to having our grantees share more information about their funding projects through a new video snapshot program being developed by the NAEF Communications Committee Chair, Frank Juarez over the coming year.”

The postmarked deadline for applications for the next funding cycle, for projects beginning July 1, 2023, will be October 1, 2022. The NAEF Grant Program Guidelines and Application are updated each summer, and will be available on the NAEF website in mid-August. A calendar for the NAEF Grant Program is available on the NAEF portion of the NAEA website.

2021 NAEF Grant Recipients

Project Dates: July 1, 2022 through June 30, 2023

Ruth Halvorsen Professional Development Grants

Jennifer Bockerman, Nebraska, Contemporary Art Education: Promoting a More Aware and Equitable Classroom Culture, $1,720

Jennifer Gorlewski, South Carolina, Printmaking Professional Development, $1,368

Kristin Taylor, California, Innovations in Education: A Study Tour of the Early Childhood Centers of Pistoia, Italy, $2,400

Mary McMullan Grants

Kathryn Gabriel, New York, Artistic Representation of Astrophysical Phenomena: Visualizing Black Holes, $1,600

Lucinda Presley, Texas, Making Visual Art the STEAM DRIVER, $3,000

SHIP Grants

Pamela Devito-Hill, Florida, Fiber Center Sewing Equipment for Choice-Based Art TAB Studio Hand & Machine Sewing Projects, $1,000

Thea Dow, New Hampshire, A Printing Press for Profile Students, $1,000

Teacher Incentive Grants

There are no Teacher Incentive Grants awarded this year.

NAEA Research Grants

Sohee Koo, New York, and Ahran Koo, California, Collaborative Ways of Making and Understanding: Connecting Asian Contemporary Art Practice and Culturally Responsive Pedagogy, $10,500

Michelle Paisano, New Mexico, Culturally Responsive Art Education for Native American Communities, $10,500

Robin Vande Zande, Ohio, Art and Design Educators: Change Agents in Re-Designing Education, $10,490

Libba Willcox, Indiana; Samantha Goss, Iowa; and Chris Grodoski, Illinois, Seeing Art and Design Research (1948-Present): Big Data Analytics and Visualization Strategies for Connectivity and Accessibility, $10,500

NAEA Design Interest Group led by Doris Wells-Papanek, Illinois; Cindy Todd, Michigan; and June Krinsky-Rudder, Massachusetts, The Impact of Cognitive Strategies on Students’ Capacity to Learn as Creative Problem Solvers, $10,500

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