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The deGraffenried Design Scholarship for the National Art Honor Society


deGraffenried Design Scholarship

The deGraffenried Foundation (dF) works to create targeted programs that support aspiring designers facing financial barriers, acting as an extension of professional networks by connecting talented students with industry leaders.

The dF has partnered with the National Art Honor Society (NAHS) on a scholarship program offering a one-time $7,500 award. This scholarship is will be awarded to graduating high school students who are members of the National Art Honor Society, looking to pursue a degree in the design industry. Design refers to the use of art to enhance or create functional objects. Architecture, Industrial Design, Fashion Design and Advertising are just a few examples. The scholarship will be awarded to students who demonstrate an understanding and passion for art and design. The selection process will equally consider the portfolio of work, financial need, and merit.

The application for 2024 will open in Winter 2023

“We are thrilled to be working with such an established organization to help expand our contributions to the design community and we’re excited to discover amazing talent within the NAHS network. We hope this scholarship encourages and inspires more students to pursue a career in the design industry”
—Garland deGraffenried, President deGraffenried Foundation

“I am pleased to have had a critical role in facilitating the launch of a new national scholarship available to high school students pursuing creative careers in the design disciplines. My first college major was in architectural design and as the son of a professional graphic designer, I anticipate that this will be a productive pathway for every National Art Honor Society chapter member who is awarded this honor for years to come.”
—Dr. James Haywood Rolling, Jr., President, National Art Education Association

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