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Pedagogical Globalization: Traditions, Contemporary Art, and Popular Culture of Korea

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Edited By:
Ryan Shin, Maria Lim, Michelle Bae-Dimitriadis, Oksun Lee


Until now, most art educational researchers and art teachers from Kindergarten through 12th grades (high school) have had limited access to Korean art and visual culture due to the lack of resources published for readers around the world. This book offers art educators important insights into the aesthetic, philosophical, and socio-cultural foundations of Korean visual culture in a global context. By bringing together the work of scholars and art educators who are familiar with both Korean and North American educational contexts, this book aims to enrich art educators’ understanding of Korean art forms, culture, and tradition by exploring diverse Korean artistic trends from traditional art to contemporary art and popular culture. The authors also provide theoretical perspectives on their curriculum and pedagogical approaches and explore the implications of teaching Korean art, which could expand possibilities for intercultural research and teaching in the face of globalization. We envision this book as a resource that will provide art educators from all around the world an understanding of Korean visual cultural practices that can inform their educational research and practice.

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