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We want to highlight YOUR art education in action! What are your students creating? What is happening in your museum? Do you have an NAEA Preservice Student Chapter that is doing cool stuff? Is your district getting creative? Send us photos so NAEA can share them and represent art education in action as it is really happening.

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Current images featured in the image carousel on the NAEA Homepage:

Meadowbrook High School students put on a daily newscast for announcements each day!

Submitted by: Jackie Vames | Meadowbrook High School | Richmond, VA

Visual Art Center of New Jersey’s art educator in residence Dennis RedMoon Darkeem and students shows off the work created during a Family Colors Workshop.

Submitted by: Brian Riley | The Visual Arts Center of New Jersey| Summit, NJ

First Graders in Ms. Gombosi’s Art Class gather around a light-box as they explore the concepts of “opaque” and “translucent.”

Submitted by: Eileen Gombosi | Addison Central School District | Salisbury, VT

Students in Dr. Courtnie Wolfgang’s Radical Pedagogy graduate class and VCU faculty participated in a Riso printer workshop at Studio Two Three in preparation for their collaborative zine final project.

Pictured left to right: Rachael Cavaiuolo, Ke Xiao, Dr. Lillian Lewis, Megan Sawyer, Gabrielle McHugh, Hillary Zell, Lizzie Green, Jazmine Beatty

Submitted by: Lillian Lewis | Virginia Commonwealth University | Richmond, VA

A student celebrates their Final Project installation at The Oxbow School, a visual arts semester boarding school for high-school students in Napa, California. This student explored how one’s identity is shaped by separating oneself from society and family. By leaving behind others’ expectations, new meaningful paths can be forged.

Submitted by: Jennifer Jordan | The Oxbow School | Napa, CA

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