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Part 1: Naming the Game

Over the course of the coming school year, we will investigate the notion of Obstacles and the Opportunities they present. This five-part series will explore various aspects of our profession, identify potential complications, and develop strategies to enact effective solutions. We aim to share experiences and voices from across the Division, in order to grow our collective classroom practice.

Before we begin, it is important to establish a common foundation for our work, specifically in defining our own understanding of Creativity. I start here, because it can be a prickly term, a misunderstanding waiting to happen. I wonder how many obstacles can be traced to uninformed assumptions about how creativity works, or what it looks like. I encounter it with colleagues, families, and my students. Some liken it to magic or genetic disposition. Others struggle to see its value. And some lucky few see it as a skill to be honed and nurtured.

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Peter Curran

Middle Level Division Director (Term: 2017-2019)

Visual Art Educator, Grades 6-8