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Internal Relationships

NAEA members serve in a variety of capacities including visual art teachers, curriculum specialists, administrators, professors, students, art museum educators, artists, and researchers. NAEA’s structure includes individual state associations that enable members to have a connection with their colleagues at the district, state, region, division, as well as at the national level.

External Relationships

NAEA provides leadership for both state associations and other groups as the primary voice and advocate for visual art education. NAEA cultivates and values its relationships with a variety of associations and organizations, including the media, that have the potential to share NAEA’s interest in the advancement of arts education. These organizations include other entities, both nonprofit and for profit, that advocate for the arts in the schools. They have shared values with NAEA members and the potential to collaborate with NAEA, including the capacity to provide additional services and resources to its members.

NAEA is empowered by developing its current and potential relationships, which further the association’s leadership role in service to its members and their students.

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