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NAEA Position Statement on Importance of State or Province Level Agency Directors of Arts Education

[Adopted March 2018]

NAEA believes that state and province departments of education support arts education programs and arts in education by having and maintaining an arts education position within their departments. The role of the Arts Education Director/Specialist/Coordinator is to ensure exemplary visual arts programs that meet the needs of all learners and provide equitable access to the arts.

State and province level directors/specialist/coordinators are key to the facilitation of the development and implementation of national and state standards and professional development needed to guide educators toward quality, standards-based, PreK through post-secondary programs. This includes guidance regarding teacher preparation programs.

This role includes:

  • Serving in a leadership position in the state/province department of education
  • Advocating for highly qualified and fully certified arts educators,
  • Providing resources and training for arts teachers in meaningful assessment,
  • Recommending adequate time for planning, instruction, and evaluation,
  • Advocating for community support and funding for such programs,
  • Promoting vital professional development for educators,
  • Collaborating with school administrators to support the professional development of teacher leaders in the arts.

While NAEA recognizes that the visual arts share characteristics with other arts disciplines, it stands as its own unique discipline within the arts. This acknowledgment emphasizes the importance of the individual(s) holding the position(s) of state/province director/specialist/coordinator(s) be familiar with performing and visual arts education with a knowledgeable foundation in the field of visual arts education.

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