Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion

NAEA Position Statement on Attracting Diversity into the Profession

[Adopted March 2016; Revised and Adopted July 2016]

NAEA believes in the importance of intentionally and proactively attracting, recruiting and retaining future art educators from a wide range of backgrounds. NAEA values diversity, equity, and access in the field of visual art education and believes the field is stronger when represented and practiced by a full spectrum of professionals. True inclusion embraces individuals from all facets of society and cannot be defined by a finite list of qualifiers. There is a clear need for the identities of educators to more closely align with the diverse population of visual art learners. Professional leaders should represent those populations served across the field and must demonstrate the value of the individual. Such efforts purposefully build a population of art education professionals who represent an all-inclusive, global world.

NAEA recognizes the ways in which a diverse field of visual art educators and leaders support multidimensional narratives and learning. This empowers all individuals to broaden the visual art curriculum and pedagogy. Art education professionals must play a more active role in bringing about social transformation to help remove barriers and overcome institutionalized oppression and inequities. Diversity among educators within the profession helps students understand cultures and perspectives different from their own and disrupts a homogeneous voice. NAEA celebrates the role that a diverse workforce plays in effective and transformative art education practices for all.

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