NAEA Arts Advocacy Working Group


NAEA is actively engaged with both the ESSA Working Group of the Arts Education Partnership and the Cultural Advocacy Group, both of which meet regularly to monitor the Federal Budget and its impact on the arts and arts education.

NAEA is a national partner for Arts Advocacy Day and part of the Legislative Committee which prepared the following related issues briefs posted on the NAEA website:

  1. National Endowment for the Arts Issues Brief
  2. ESSA Issues Brief
  3. Arts Education Appropriations Issues Brief (U.S. Department of Education funding for arts education grant programs)
  4. Higher Education Act Reauthorization Issues Brief

Potential changes to the Higher Education Act are of concern throughout the Higher Education sector. One of the potential changes is to base student loan amounts on potential future earnings. Refer to the Higher Education Act Reauthorization Issues Brief for additional information.

NAEA works collaboratively with all of the arts education professional associations and national arts associations engaged with monitoring arts and education policy and federal appropriations for arts education. The items listed above center NAEA policy objectives around the Arts Advocacy Day Arts Education Issues Briefs, which serve as NAEA’s underlying policy documents regarding reauthorization and represent the consensus policy objectives of over 85 national organizations, including NAEA.

The NAEA Advocacy Working Group charge: With a focus on timely resources that support members in their efforts to effectively advocate for visual arts education within their community and state, the NAEA Advocacy Working Group is charged with: (1) reviewing all current NAEA advocacy resources and recommending what might be kept as is, revised and/or archived; (2) providing recommendations for new resources and guidance in the development of related content to support effective advocacy efforts.