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NAEA Position Statement Regarding the Use of Race Based Mascots in Educational Settings

[Adopted April 2010; Reviewed March 2013; Reviewed March 2016]

NAEA considers Race-based Mascots in educational institutions to be representations that can be seen as derogatory. Visual art educators are encouraged to support their communities in addressing how such images impact all lives. Race-based Mascots offer teachable moments for art classrooms; opportunities to explore the complex and problematic ways that ethnic mascots and similar visual representations convey information about people, communities, cultures, and civilizations. For Example, Visual art educators working in non-Native American schools with Indian mascots are encouraged to ask their school to consult with and be informed by Native American Tribal Councils, and to participate in identifying new positive images worthy of representing their school and communities.

Resource Document: The Committee that prepared this Position Statement has also developed a resource document that is posted on the NAEA website within the area where the NAEA Platform and Position Statements can be found.

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