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Accreditation Standards: Purposes, Principles, and Standards for School Art Program

Purposes, Principles, and Standards for School Art Programs

In 1967, the National Art Education Association published an official position statement, “The Essentials of a Quality School Art Program,” intended for the use of individuals and groups responsible for elementary and secondary school art programs in the United States: school boards, administrators, curriculum specialists, supervisors, teachers, and parents. In 1978, the Professional Standards Committee of the NAEA began the revision of the document of 1967. In developing this revision, the Committee consulted with the NAEA membership in three annual national conventions, and through preliminary publications; with delegates of the Division of NAEA; with the Board of Directors; with affiliated art education associations in several states; and with numerous other national leaders in art education. We believe that the document presents, as nearly as possible, a consensus of earnest, experienced judgment in the profession.

The Board of Directors of the National Art Education Association has adopted it as an official position of the Association, directed toward the promotion of educationally sound art programs in the elementary and secondary schools of the United States.

The complete publication, Purposes, Principles and Standards for School Art Programs is available from the national office.

Adoption: Adopted by NAEA Board of Directors, September, 1981, Motion #23

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