Creating a Visual Arts Education Research Agenda for the 21st Century: Encouraging Individual and Collaborative Research

Research Agenda

The National Art Education Association is committed to on-going research efforts aimed at improving visual arts education across all contemporary educational levels and environments in which teaching and learning about visual arts education occurs, as well as to develop substantial knowledge related to advocacy, policy making, evaluation, and leadership. Access to research is viewed as a core value, need, and priority within the field. This is evidenced in such NAEA publications as Creating a Visual Arts Education Research Agenda Towards the 21st Century (1994), NAEA Research Agenda Briefing Papers (1996), Studies in Art Education, and Translations, as well as the National Art Education Foundation (NAEF) grants.

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Studies in Art Education

Studies is a quarterly journal that reports quantitative, qualitative, historical, and philosophical research in art education, including explorations of theory and practice in the areas of art production, art criticism, aesthetics, art history, human development, curriculum and instruction, and assessment.

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