Lowenfeld Lectures


Each year, the recipient of this award is invited to present the “Lowenfeld Lecture” on a topic of his or her choice at the NAEA National Convention. Below are transcripts of the most recent Lowenfeld Lectures.

  • 2013 Award Recipient: Christine Marmé Thompson - Child Faber: Child the Maker
  • 2012 Award Recipient: Bernard Young - The Importance of Self-Identification in Art, Culture, and Ethnicity
  • 2011 Award Recipient: Beverly Levett Gerber - Art Education and Special Education: A Promising Partnership
  • 2010 Award Recipient: Enid Zimmerman - Creativity and Art Education: A Personal Journey in Four Acts
  • 2009 Award Recipient: Olivia Gude - Art Education for Democratic Life
  • 2008 Award Recipient: Elliot Eisner - What Education Can Learn From the Arts

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