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National Art Honor Society Connections: Open Studio Conversations with 9B Collective

February 22, 2024

Watch the recording of the National Art Honor Society Connections: Open Studio Conversations With 9B Collective. This event offered a unique opportunity to gain valuable insights, connect with renowned media artists, and ignite students’ creative passion. The session will begin with an engaging presentation by Phillip Boutté Jr. and Mike Uwandi of 9B Collective, followed by an interactive Q and A session facilitated by National Art Honor Society (NAHS) and National Junior Art Honor Society (NJAHS) students.

NAEA members gain access to the on demand recording through the NAEA Professional Learning Studio. Click here to watch.

Disclaimer: This video presentation briefly depicts nudity. The image is presented between 39:35-39:55 (nude digital female model). Viewer discretion is advised.

Sponsors are encouraged to prepare students for this recording by sharing 9B Collective’s artwork and biography.

  • Download the pre-event handout here.

  • Download the pre-event PowerPoint presentation here or access it via GoogleSlides here.

Student Panelists:

Aryona Gunter_NAHS Connections

Aryona Gunter
Teacher: Tasha Newton

Oswin Colley_NAHS Connections

Oswin Colley
Teacher: Michelle McGraw

Jace Walker_NAHS Connections

Jace Walker
Teacher: Stephanie Silverman


Dailyn Paul
Teacher: Jennifer Handrick

About the NEW National Art Honor Society Connections: Open Studio Conversations

National Art Honor Society Connections is an exclusive online series for middle and high school students who are members of NAHS or NJAHS. The series will start with a 30-minute artist talk and a 30-minute Q&A/interview session led by middle and high school students. These talks will also include instructional materials to share for exploration and discussion prior to the event. The event will take place live via Zoom and the recording will be available for all NAHS and NJAHS sponsors after each event to watch on demand or share at chapter meetings.