Assessment White Papers for Art Education

Assessment White Papers for Art Education is a collection of more than a dozen essays written in response to a call from NAEA’s leadership and Professional Materials Committee.

These essays teach about current and established assessment practices and theories, and how they are relevant to all of NAEA’s membership. Assessment refers to how we measure and appraise anticipated and unanticipated student performances, learning outcomes, dispositions, and teaching and program effectiveness. This series offers a starting point for NAEA members—across all levels—as well as parents, administrators, and the general public to understand assessments’ applications to art education. For those who are already proficient in assessment, the series can inspire new ideas and bolster current practices. Please share the Assessment White Papers for Art Education.

Sections of the collection of essays will be announced as they are available. Please see the current table of contents below.

By Debrah C. Sickler-Voigt (Posted July 31, 2018)

Section I: Assessment in Art Education: Building Knowledge
By Mary Elizabeth Meier, Julie Etheridge (Posted July 31, 2018)

Section II: Assessments That Promote Vibrant Learning Communities and Advocate for the Visual Arts
By F. Robert Sabol, Debrah C. Sickler-Voigt, and Terese Giobbia (Posted Nov. 7, 2018)

Section III: Planning and Implementing Visual Arts Assessments
By F. Robert Sabol, Leslie Gates (Posted Nov. 29, 2018)

Section IV: Analyzing, Interpreting, and Reporting Art Education Assessments
By Amanda Galbraith, Bryna Bobick, and Roger D. Tomhave (Posted Sept. 25, 2019), Cris Guenter, and Leslie Gates (Posted Sept. 30, 2019)

Section V: Visual Arts Assessments: Case Studies From the Classroom and Beyond
By Debrah C. Sickler-Voigt, Jun Hu (posted Aug. 24, 2020), Máire Ní Bhroin (posted Apr. 28, 2021)