2017 NAEA National Convention - March 2-4 | NYC

Theme: The Challenge of Change

See You at the 2017 NAEA National Convention, March 2–4, 2017, New York, NY!

The 2017 Convention is co-hosted by the Hilton New York and the Sheraton New York Hotel & Towers, which are across the street from one another. NAEA meetings and events will take place at both hotels. The NAEA Exhibit Hall will be located in the Hilton New York.

Theme: The Challenge of Change. Change is a difficult, unpredictable and unwieldy process, yet it is inevitable, especially in this dynamic, ever changing world. 2017 marks the 70th anniversary of the National Art Education Association. With this milestone anniversary in sight, the 2017 NAEA National Convention seeks to reflect upon our rich history and look to the future to identify the many challenges ahead for the field of art education.

2017 Program Co-Coordinators: Debbie Greh & Joni Acuff

About the National Convention

The NAEA National Convention is an annual event providing substantive professional development services that include the advancement of knowledge in all sessions, events, and activities for the purpose of improving visual arts instruction in American schools. As such, it is the world’s largest art education convention.

The three-day convention includes over 1,000 participatory workshops, panels, seminars for job-alike groups…research reports, discussions, exhibits, and tours…keynote addresses by world-acclaimed educators, artists, researchers, and scholars…with the opportunity to connect with your colleagues from all over the world. Each year, some 110-200 exhibitor booths displaying the latest art textbooks, high-tech software, prints, slides, curriculum materials, equipment, and programs, as well as the latest studio and art history media are made available for examination and review by art educator delegates.

It is a professional development opportunity to update oneself on the vista of state-of-the-art materials to advance visual art instruction in local art programs. All sessions and events are 100 percent content-oriented and substantively based. There are no non-content functions such as golf, sightseeing, shopping tours, and the like. Sessions are scheduled daily from 8:00 am to 11:00 pm.

How to Attend

The National Convention is held annually in the spring, usually March or April. Information about the convention may be found in the summer and fall issues of NAEA News, as well as our website. If you wish to be a presenter at the convention, proposals must be submitted online and NAEA membership is required. The deadline is usually May 15 of the preceding year. A convention schedule is posted online once session scheduling is complete, usually late November or early December of the preceding year. A mobile app is also released 1-2 months ahead of the Convention to assist with your planning.

Future Dates

  • 2018 NAEA National Convention: March 22–24 | Seattle, Washington
  • 2019 NAEA National Convention: March 14–16 | Boston, Massachusetts
  • 2020 NAEA National Convention: March 26–28 | Minneapolis, Minnesota
  • 2021 NAEA National Convention: March 4-6 | Chicago, Illinois
  • 2022 NAEA National Convention: March 3–6 | New York, New York



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