NAEA Town Hall: Back-to-School Edition

NAEA Town Hall Conversations | September 20, 2022

NAEA Town Hall: Back-to-School Edition

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It’s time! The 2022–2023 school year has begun. Let’s connect with colleagues and experts as they share their ideas and strategies for the year ahead. We’ll discuss classroom practices, inspiration for lesson ideas, budgets and supplies, and navigating school systems and bureaucracies. We’ll top it all off with advocacy and the Arts Are Education campaign. Please join us!

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Olivia Gude
School of the Art Institute of Chicago
Chicago, IL

Olivia Gude is the Angela Gregory Paterakis Professor of Art Education at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago as well as a professor emerita of the University of Illinois Chicago (UIC). Olivia has created many award-winning collaborative mural and mosaic projects. She is the author of the Americans for the Arts white paper “Intertwining Practices of Public Art and Arts Education.” Olivia’s research and writing combine reimagining underlying assumptions and structures of traditional art education curriculum with examples of art projects generated in innovative art and culture programs, including UIC’s Spiral Workshop. Her articles include “Postmodern Principles: In Search of a 21st Century Art Education,” “Principles of Possibility: Considerations for a 21st-Century Art & Culture Curriculum,” “Art Education for Democratic Life,” and the 2014 National Art Education Association’s Manuel Barkan article of the year, “New School Art Styles: The Project of Art Education.” An NAEA Distinguished Fellow and recipient of the Viktor Lowenfeld Award for significant contributions to the field of art education, Olivia gives presentations and workshops on contemporary art education and community arts practices in museums, universities, school districts, and art education conferences in the United States as well as in Canada, Denmark, Korea, Vietnam, and Singapore.

James Palmarini
Policy and Advocacy Advisor
Educational Theatre Association
Cincinnati, OH

James Palmarini is the Educational Theatre Association policy and advocacy advisor, as well as the director of the National Coalition for Core Arts Standards (NCCAS) advocacy initiative, Arts ARE Education. He was the founding editor of Teaching Theatre journal. James serves on the Arts Education Partnership advisory board; the Washington, DC–based Arts Education Working Group; the National Federation of High Schools’s Speech, Debate & Theatre committee; the NCCAS leadership committee; the Innovation Collaborative advisory council; and the Ohio Alliance for Arts Education board. In 2017, he chaired the committee that created EdTA’s High School Educator Evaluation Workbook course, and in 2018 James managed a project that produced a series of short videos that will serve as a guide for teachers and administrators who want to use the workbook to advance their mutual understanding of quality theater educator practice. In 2021, he led a staff team that created the EdTA Recommendations for Reopening Theatre Programs guide, a support document for school theater programs planning their reengagement with students in the postpandemic education environment. In his current work with the Arts ARE Education campaign, James creates and shares strategies for grassroots advocacy in support of K–12 arts educators and students.

Chalon Ross
Visual and Performing Arts Instructional Lead
Alliance Cindy & Bill Simon Technology Academy High School
NAEA Connected Arts Networks (CAN)
Los Angeles, CA

Chay Larri [lə REE] Ross is a multifaceted creative and teaching artist born and raised within the inland cities of South Bay and South Los Angeles, California. After earning her Bachelor of Arts degree in art education with a subconcentration in graphic communication design from California State University, Los Angeles, she went on to advance her studies in education and became certified in the state of California to teach K–12 visual arts. Chay is currently in her 11th year at a Title I charter high school in her hometown teaching a well-versed index of courses, including Commercial Art, Yearbook Publication, and AP Art & Design with a heavy emphasis on literacy, technology, culture and identity, and contemporary social–emotional and diverse issues deemed pertinent to her burgeoning scholars. Currently, she serves as the visual and performing arts instructional lead at her resident high school and is recognized by U.S. Congress as a National Teacher Leader with the Connected Arts Networks (National Art Education Association). In her spare time, she enjoys creating jewelry, Zen doodling, listening to controversial podcasts, analyzing select hip-hop songs and films, quad skating, and watching YouTube “tea” channels.

Elizabeth Stuart Whitehead
Instructional Supervisor, Visual Arts
Prince George’s County Public Schools
Silver Spring, MD

Elizabeth Stuart has served as the visual arts supervisor for Prince George’s County Public Schools in Maryland since 2014, and as an adjunct professor at the Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA) for 2 years. She received a Bachelor of Science degree in art education from the University of Maryland, College Park; a Master of Arts degree in education from MICA; and a certificate in supervision and administration also from the University of Maryland, College Park. She is currently seeking her doctorate in educational leadership from the University of Maryland. Elizabeth has coauthored two books—Using Art to Teach Reading Comprehension Strategies (2013) and Using Art to Teach Writing Traits (2018)—along with other articles published in SchoolArts Magazine and Arts Education Policy Review. In 2020, Elizabeth received two major awards from NAEA: the National Supervision and Administration Award and the Marion Quin Dix Leadership Award. She has presented at museums as well as at numerous state and national conferences on various topics concerning literacy, curriculum, assessment, and instruction. She is a past NAEA Board member and is currently the Supervision and Administration Division Representative on the NAEA Research Commission. Elizabeth lives in Maryland with her husband, Christopher, and her two children.