Museum Education Division

Learn About the NAEA Museum Education Division

Learn About the NAEA Museum Education Division

2016 Museum Education Division Preconference: Designing for Transparency

March 16, 2016, 8:30-5:30, Annual Museum Education Division Preconference, Art Institute of Chicago and Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago

NAEA Museum Education Peer to Peer (P2P) Initiative – Google Hangouts

NAEA members were inspired by the thought-provoking discussions that take place between colleagues at the NAEA National Convention, and wanted to continue the rich colleague-to-colleague conversations throughout the year—both in person and online.

Launched in 2011, the P2P Initiative Task Force organizes opportunities for art museum education colleagues—regardless of your experience level, program area, or size of institution—to share ideas and reflect together online via Google+ Hangouts. All Peer to Peer Initiative activities are announced and archived on our Google+ Page.

What is a Google Hangout?
It’s a chance to see and chat with colleagues online for free! It’s a little like an on-line video conference. We find it works best when 4 or 5 folks use video and audio to lead the discussion. An unlimited number of people can watch, listen, and type questions for everyone to see via the Q + A app.

Curious about future events?
Add the NAEA Museum Education Division to your Google+ circles for updates and schedule of upcoming Hangouts!

Wondering what a Hangout looks like? All past Hangouts have been archived on our Google+ page

Connect Online
From October to May, join us for monthly interactive conversations via Google+ Hangouts on Air, organized by the Peer to Peer Working Group: Juline Chevalier l Mari Robles (co-chairs)

2015-2016 Google Hangouts! The Peer2Peer (P2P) initiative has a working group with more than ten members to continue the project of using the Google + Hangouts platform to share ideas in an informal and conversational format.

For the 2015-2016 academic year, Hangouts will happen on the second Wednesday of each month at 1 PM EST/10 AM PST.

To watch a Hangout live, find it on the NAEA Museum Education Division’s Google + page or check the schedule here. Hangouts are also archived on the G+ page and on YouTube.

This project is strengthened by your ideas and input, so we hope you add your voice to the conversation. Anyone is welcome to propose a topic, and we are also excited to try out new formats for presentations to go beyond “show and tell.”

Please contact Juline Chevalier with ideas for topics or formats.

2016 Schedule
All Hangouts are on Wednesdays, 1 PM EST/ 10 AM PST

Viewfinder: Reflecting on Museum Education

Viewfinder is an experimental publication about museum education from the National Art Education Association’s Museum Education Division.

Viewfinder aims to engage colleagues in ongoing dialogues about museum education today, by combining the speed and timeliness of a blog with the rigor of a peer-reviewed journal. Featuring experiments, inviting critiques, and inspiring cross-generational dialogue, Viewfinder is a resource that is not dedicated solely to best practices, but rather documents the value of rigorous reflection. Articles will be solicited via the NAEA listserv and social media outlets. Colleagues will be invited to submit a summary/abstract and indicate the number of years they have worked in the field. Peer editors will also be found through the listserv, and the publication’s organizers will pair each accepted submission with an editor who is in a different “generation” than the article writer. If you’d like to be involved, whether as an author or peer reviewer, or if you have ideas or comments on topics or themes, we would love to hear from you! Please read this article for more information.

Staying Connected

The Museum Education Division has invaded social media. While many of us have an active social media presence and often get into great discussions via hashtag about issues surrounding museum education, the division did not have a social media presence. Well, that has changed. Over the last couple of months, a committee of division members, led by the Cleveland Museum of Art’s Hajnal Eppley, has met on a regular basis to create a new social media presence for the division.

You can find us on the following platforms:
Facebook: NAEA Museum Education Division
Twitter: @NAEAMusEd
Google+: NAEA Museum Education Division
YouTube: NAEA Museum Education Division

Did you miss a Peer2Peer Hangout? Do not worry; all hangouts are archived on both our Google+ page and on our YouTube channel.

Interested in submitting something to our social media platforms? Please fill out this form and the committee will review for submission.

Not on social media but interested in getting up to date information on the division? Please sign up for the Museum Education Division Listserv; we will continue to send out major announcements and updates via this platform.

UPDATE: NAEA-AAMD Research Study Update: Impact of Art Museum Programs on K–12 Students

The NAEA Museum Education Division and its partner, the Association of Art Museum Directors, continue to make progress towards the planning and implementation of a large-scale impact study investigating the question, What are the benefits to students of engaging with original works of art within the context of object-based art museum programs that take place during the formal school day? We hope to build on and significantly amplify the limited prior research that exists about the impact of art museum programs on participants. Our goal is to explore, at a large scale, how engaging directly with original works of art within the distinctive physical and social setting of art museums and through constructivist pedagogies, might lead to or heighten a range of student outcomes. The Samuel H. Kress Foundation has provided a generous grant award to support the planning year for this impact study, which began on August 1, 2014.

We have recently learned that NAEA Museum Education Division, collaborating with the Association of Art Museum Directors (AAMD), has received a prestigious National Leadership Grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS). This award will fund the implementation portion of this important research. We are excited to be working with Randi Korn & Associates over the next three years for this study. We are currently in year one and are working towards finalizing and disseminating the literature review created during the planning year. We are also working on site selection for year two of the study. Stay tuned to the listserv and our social media platforms for up to date information.

Now released: Report on national survey of single-visit K-12 field trip practices in art museums

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Connect in Person

Looking for a way to network face to face? Meet up with colleagues and share ideas informally at the NAEA annual National Convention.

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Emily Holtrop

Museum Education Division Director (Term: 2015-2017)

Director of Learning and Interpretation, Cincinnati Art Museum

Board of Directors

Emily Holtrop

Museum Education Division Director (Term: 2015-2017)

Director of Learning and Interpretation, Cincinnati Art Museum