Museum Education Division

Learn About the NAEA Museum Education Division

Learn About the NAEA Museum Education Division

  • Read the Museum Education Division report featured in the most recent issue of NAEA News.
  • See this introduction to find out about its structure, leadership, goals, and activities and how you can contribute.

Leadership Team

  • Jennifer Beradino, Division Director
  • Kathy Dumlao, Division Director-Elect

Regional Directors:

NAEA Museum Education Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Program

Inspired by the thought-provoking conversations that take place between colleagues at the NAEA National Convention, the goal of Peer-to-Peer (P2P) is to network with colleagues, skill-share, and discuss relevant topics in the Museum Education field.

We want your ideas and input! Anyone is welcome—regardless of your experience level, program area, or size of institution—to propose a topic, serve as a moderator, or advise on a new session format. Reach out to Kate McLeod ( or Molly Phillips ( if you are interested in presenting.

Register for this monthly program here.
Note: once you have registered the form above, you will receive the Zoom link.

P2P Sessions are organized by a working group chaired by Kate McLeod. Get involved by contacting

Staying Connected

The Museum Education Division has invaded social media. While many of us have an active social media presence and often get into great discussions via hashtag about issues surrounding museum education, the Division did not have a social media presence until 2015. Led by Alli Rogers, and Denise Gonzalez, this team meets monthly to brainstorm topics and links, announcements and other fun prompts (sometimes involving GIFS or emoji). Get involved with the social media team by, or

You can find us on the following platforms:
Instagram: @naeamuseumed
Twitter: @NAEAMusEd
YouTube: NAEA Museum Education Division
Facebook: NAEA Museum Education Division

Jennifer Beradino

Museum Education Division Director (Term: 2023-2025)

Senior Manager, Object-based Learning, Department of Learning and Interpretation, Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, TX

Kathy Dumlao

Museum Education Division Director-Elect (Term: 2023-2025)

Director of Education & Interpretation, Memphis Brooks Museum of Art

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