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History and Current Mission of the NAEA Preservice Division

As the newest Division, NAEA Preservice is growing and thriving. Representing and supporting all college students in Art Education and related fields, undergraduate and graduate, the Preservice Division works to foster the next face of Art Education in our nation.

We owe it all to the support of the NAEA as a whole, and the visionary leadership of our Student Chapter Presidents. Key members of the Student Chapter Issues Group put forth a request to the Board for consideration to become a full-fledged seat at the table. After careful study, the Board recommended action by the 2013 Delegates Assembly. Once presented the recommendation to the 2013 Assembly; registered delegates voted unanimously to recommend the establishment of a new Preservice Division to the membership for their consideration and vote. Members voted yes on the proposed new Preservice Division and related amendment to the NAEA Constitution.

The Preservice Division leadership structure has since transitioned to align with the NAEA Division structures, now consisting of a Division Director and Regional Division Directors. Representing 11% of the total NAEA membership, we are a dedicated and engaged voice in the field. We now have a wide array of leadership roles available for full-time Art Education and related field college students.

There is always room for more connections and contacts within this growing Division. Please join, follow, and friend the Preservice Division on our various social media platforms. Also, connect with our leadership directly via phone or e-mail. Share what is working with your Student Chapter, and look to other Student Chapters for support and ideas. Below are all of the ways you can get involved now.

Preservice Toolkit

NAEA wants to help you make the most of this school year and make sure that we’re giving you the support you need. Find resources created just for you by the NAEA Preservice team in the new NAEA Preservice Toolkit. It includes a benefits summary, syllabus, Student Chapter Registration Form, and Convention Prep Tips.

Enroll as a Student and as an Institution Annually

Contact the Preservice Division Board Members to learn how to register your Student Chapter, and to learn about the many benefits to joining and maintaining membership with NAEA Preservice Division. Download the Student Chapter Registration Form.

Connect to Our Online Community

For information beyond our monthly newsletters, join the new Collaborate online forum for the latest news and information in addition to access to resources and networking with NAEA members (see Preservice Division under list of Communities). You can also add the NAEA Preservice to your Google+ circles for updates and announcements.


View the latest newsletter here.

Archived Newsletters

Get Involved

Present at the 2019 NAEA National Convention!
Preservice members from around the country are invited to share their undergraduate and graduate research, community outreach programs, lesson plan ideas, student chapter experiences, and more in a PechaKucha-style session at the 2019 NAEA National Convention in Boston, MA.

The deadline to submit an application to present is January 3, 2019. Notification emails will be sent on January 21, 2019. If selected, slide decks should be submitted by March 1, 2019.

Click here to submit your application

Outstanding Student Chapter Award
In recognition of outstanding activities carried out during the year by a Student Chapter, the Retired Art Educators Interest Group (RAEA) annually invites nominations for the Outstanding Student Chapter Award, sponsored by the RAEA. The award, to be given annually, honors an outstanding NAEA Student Chapter. The RAEA/NAEA presents a certificate and monetary award to the selected chapter. The award is funded with proceeds earned from the RAEA Silent Auction, which is held each year at the NAEA National Convention’s Artisans Gallery. The selected chapter is encouraged to use the funds to help support student members who attend the NAEA National Convention or for special projects.

See award details here. The deadline to apply was November 1, 2018.

Contact Us

Contact the Preservice Division Board Members

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Jessica Burton Aulisio

Preservice Division Director (Term: 2017-2019)

Preservice Art Educator


Jessica Burton Aulisio

Preservice Division Director (Term: 2017-2019)

Preservice Art Educator

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