Art In Special Education (ASE)

Established 2001

Purpose: The purpose shall be to define and establish the role of the Art in Special Education Issues Group as a special interest group of NAEA and:

  • Provide a voice and advocacy for all students with diverse needs and the K-12 art teachers, museum and community arts educators, and special education instructors who work with them.
  • Provide a forum to share best practices for working with students who identify within the Disabled community through the arts.
  • Provide information for the NAEA website related to teaching, advocating and working with individuals who identify within the Disabled community including information about agencies or resources that focus on the arts for Disabled individuals.
  • Provide a liaison with the Council for Exceptional Children in order to share information, education and training expertise;
  • Develop a network of NAEA members who have an interest in ensuring that those who identify within the Disabled community, children and teachers, have access to the arts.
  • Interface with the NAEA Disability Studies, Arts & Education interest group so that we may best engage with and support art educators both as practitioners and researchers.
  • Interface with members of regional and national Art Therapy Associations so that we may share and collaborate on best practices in the field.

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This Interest Group was formerly under the name SNAE (Special Needs in Art Education).

Mikaela Bachmann

ASE President (2024-2026)