Independent School Art Education (ISAE)

Established 2008

Purpose: The purposes of the Independent School Art Education special interest group shall be to encourage active involvement of independent school art educators by:

  1. Promoting sound methods and philosophies of art education.
  2. Providing opportunities for development of relationships among independent school educators within each state and as a nation.
  3. Creating professional development opportunities specifically for independent school art educators.
  4. Encouraging participation in state and national art education conferences.
  5. Supporting strong working relationships within each school between art teachers and administrators.
  6. Promoting and facilitating lesson sharing, curriculum discussions and group study of the problems that confront those involved in arts education in independent schools.
  7. Educating our members on job negotiation and job security.
  8. Creating positive relationships among independent school art educators through networking and regional conferences designed specifically for independent schools.
  9. Developing the leadership potential of each independent school art instructor to better advocate for the arts in his or her community.
  10. Educating on marketing the arts to the school community.
  11. Maintaining regional and national contacts with other groups of arts educators and others whose objectives coincide with those in NAEA.
  12. Securing cooperation of legislative, state, county officials, administrators and foundations in establishing conditions that shall render the efforts of arts educators more effective.
  13. Circulating information and keeping members informed of the significant developments in the field of arts education.
  14. Adhering to a policy that does not discriminate against individuals on the basis of race, color, national or ethnic origin.

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Evan Thomas

ISAE Chair (2023-2025)

Cynthia Hersch

ISAE Co-Chair (2023-2025)