Design Interest Group (DIG)

Established 2001

Purpose: The primary objective of the Design Interest Group (DIG) is to fulfill the compelling mission of supporting art and design educators, teaching artists, and other leaders as they learn how to teach, integrate, and facilitate design education within PreK-12. Our collective goal is to guide learners of all ages in the human-centered, transformative power of Design Thinking and Learning (adapted from NDTI, 1998).

An inventive process that can be applied across all subject areas:

  • Problems are identified by way of learner-driven discovery
  • Creative problem-solving capacities are practiced and developed
  • Ideas are explored, investigated, and sorted
  • Solutions are proposed, produced, and presented
  • Learning process is assessed aimed at improving future learning
  • Learning outcomes are evaluated and clarified via feedback

It is our vision to facilitate ongoing interactions between the DIG community and NAEA members. Areas of focus include the development of design education content, facilitation of the design thinking and learning process, the framing of design-based learning lesson plans and curriculum, and insights into growing design education advocacy and professional development opportunities. With a solid foundation in hand, we continue to build partnerships with professional design-based organizations, universities, and schools.

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Robin Vande Zande

DIG Co-Chair (2023-2025)

Kristen LaJeunesse-Roach

DIG Co-Chair (2023-2025)