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NAEA Position Statement on Importance of Visual Arts Supervisors/Administrators in PreK-12 Education

[Adopted March 2015; Reviewed and Revised March 2018]

NAEA believes that school districts should support visual arts education programs by having and maintaining one or more visual arts education supervisor positions. Visual Arts Supervisors/Administrators ensure exemplary visual arts programs that meet the needs of all learners through the implementation of PreK-12 programs with:

  • rigorous curriculum aligned to state and/or national visual arts standards;
  • engaging instruction;
  • meaningful learner assessment;
  • quality equipment, facilities, instructional materials, and other resources;
  • appropriate and equitable allocation of budgets
  • community advocacy;
  • participation in interviewing and recommending visual arts educators for hire,
  • observations of visual arts educators with content specific feedback,
  • relevant professional development for visual art educators.
  • collaboration on school leadership teams regarding educator evaluation, and
  • development of teacher leaders

NAEA recognizes that while the visual arts shares characteristics with other arts disciplines, it stands as its own unique discipline within the arts. NAEA believes it is imperative that supervisors/administrators with experience in the field of visual arts education provide support for visual arts educators, and implementation and maintenance and growth of district programs.


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