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Philadelphia Resolution

March 24, 1986

WHEREAS, American Society is deeply concerned with the condition of elementary and secondary basic education, and

WHEREAS, the arts are basic to education and have great value in and of themselves and for the knowledge, skills and values they impart, and

WHEREAS, the arts are widely neglected curriculum and educational resource in American schools, and

WHEREAS, every American child should have equal educational opportunity to study the arts as representations of the highest intellectual achievements of humankind.

THEREFORE, the undersigned individuals, representing a broad cross-section of national arts organization, agree:

THAT EVERY elementary and secondary school should offer a balanced, sequential, and high quality program of instruction in arts disciplines taught by qualified teachers and strengthened by artists and arts organizations as an essential component of the curriculum;

THAT WE PROMOTE public understanding of the connections between the study of the arts disciplines, the creation of art, and developments of a vibrant, productive American civilizations;

THAT WE URGE inclusion of support for rigorous, comprehensive arts education in the arts development efforts of each community;

THAT WE PURSUE development of local, state and national policies that result in more effective support for arts education and the professional teachers and artists who provide it.

Adoption: Adopted by Board of Directors, September 1986, Motion #2

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