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Art Education Journal

Art Education
Art Education is the official journal of the National Art Education Association, and covers a diverse range of topics of professional interest to art educators and anyone whose interest is quality visual arts education. 

It is published bi-monthly in full color, and each issue features an Instructional Resource article, making Art Education a significant addition to every teacher's reference library. 

Beginning in 2016, in partnership with educational publishers Routledge/Taylor & Francis Group, NAEA’s periodicals enter a new phase of expansion and exposure. This partnership brings important changes to Art Education:

•  Digital Editions: Art Education and NAEA News will be available in digital format as well as print, and can be accessed via iPhone, Android, Blackberry, and tablet devices. Members will access editions by logging in to the NAEA website.

•  Digital Archives: NAEA membership includes free access to archived past issues of Art Education and NAEA News. The dynamic, user-friendly, digital format will allow NAEA members and subscribers to read, search, and share online. Digital archives availability will begin with the 2016 issues.

•  Bundled Member Benefits: Beginning February/March 2016, NAEA News will be redesigned and mailed in tandem with issues of Art Education as one bundled package.

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Special Issues:

Designing Interventions. Designing interventions and accommodations for the art classroom and beyond. (Art Education, March 2015; Volume 68, No. 2)

Professional Development in Arts and Design Education. Designing interventions and accommodations for the art classroom and beyond. (Art Education, July 2015; Volume 68, No. 4)

Practice & Theory in Art Education. Coordinates with the Summer 2014 issue of Studies in Art Education. (Art Education, September 2014; Volume 67, No. 5)

Sample Articles:

Assessment and Next Generation Standards: An Interview With Olivia Gude (Art Education, January 2014)

Building Forts and Drawing on Walls: Fostering Student-Initiated Creativity Inside and Outside the Elementary Classroom  Written by David Rufo. (Art Education, July 2012).

Sample Instructional Resources:

Kara Walker: Subtlety as a Big Idea. Recommended for Grades 5-12. Written by Laura K, Reeder. (Art Education, January 2015)

A Woven Collective: Transformative Practices Through Contemporary ArtRecommended for Grades 9-12. Written by Jane Graziano. (Art Education, May 2015)


Art Education and Studies in Art Education - Combined, Sortable Index, 1948-2012 - See more at:

Combined, sortable index for Art Education and Studies in Art Education - 1948-2015

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